Canadians Are Asking Kids To Send ‘Naked’ Pictures, But It’s Not What You Think

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Sexting among teenagers is a genuine problem.

Not usually do children not comprehend a implications of promulgation any other bare photographs, though there can be additional issues that arise. The initial is that if disseminated, pedophiles can find a photos and continue their spread. In some places, this means that a children who creatively took or sent a photos can be prosecuted for formulating and distributing child pornography. They competence finish adult on sex delinquent lists for life, all since of one foolish decision.

That’s because in Canada they’re holding a waggish proceed to preventing teenagers from promulgation bare pictures, and it’s only humorous adequate that it competence work.

This is a exposed mole rat. In further to being hilariously lacking in a fur department, they also can demeanour suspiciously like genitals.

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection has started a debate propelling teenagers to send any other “naked” pictures…of exposed mole rats instead of their possess bodies.

They’re regulating a humorous meme as a approach to teach about sextortion and give kids an choice when someone asks for “nudes.”

Canadian Centre for Child Protection