Candy Crush Perfume Is The Latest Fragrance

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Believe it or not Candy Crush, a App that has taken over so many people’s lives with a addicting diversion play, has a possess fragrance.

The incense is named of all things, Sweet, and if we play a diversion we substantially only review that and listened a voice from a game. The 75 ml bottle is described to be a “blend of candied fruit and honeyed orange freshness [that] gives approach to a comfortable delicate floral heart of this fun nonetheless lush redolence experience.” From toffee apple to luscious plum, rose petals and vanilla, a incense sounds like it lives adult to a name. One bottle is offered for U.K. for 29,00€.

And if that’s not enough, they are also offered 4 tiny perfumes that come in charming bottles made like a candies in a game. From fruity to floral, any bottle binds a possess singular scent. Each bottle is like a tiny square of a incomparable Sweet fragrance.

The Candy Crush Fragrance is accessible now on their central website A word of warning though, if we buy this, we competence never be means to get over your addiction.