Can’t Live Without Technology? 6 Vehicles You Will Love

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Whether we adore to stay connected, crave preference or simply suffer bells and whistles on your vehicle, there are several options to prove your middle tech geek. If we are in a marketplace for a vehicle, journey these technology-savvy options:


Nissan’s Versa Note

Want high-end technology, though also an affordable car? With a bottom cost of $19,300, a Note has an AroundView guard that allows a array of cameras to rest on a outward of this subcompact car. This is quite useful for parsimonious parking spaces. With a dashboard-mounted screen, we have a ability to expect and scold within seconds. Advanced record provides several other bonuses, including creation this a fuel-efficient, well-spoken pushing and atmospheric compress car.

Honda Fit EX-L

Do we somehow conduct to get mislaid even when we are following a directions your smartphone’s GPS is giving you? The Honda Fit EX-L has state-of-the-art navigation with built-in voice approval to make it available for we to be only in control. There’s also a tiny camera mounted on a newcomer side to equivocate any blind mark issues.

Toyota Prius

Toyota’s flagship hybrid automobile offers fuel potency and modernized record features. If we are a techy, we will adore a adaptive journey control, pre-collision braking, line support and a party system. If we adore to be green, afterwards a solar roof will interest to your environmental side. Try out a top-of-the-line facilities for yourself and exam expostulate a Prius.

Audi A3

Looking for a automobile with 4G LTE connectivity? The Audi A3 has it. Want to entrance Google Earth or Google Street View? You are means to entrance and wizz into these destinations with Google from a tiny touchpad that also allows we to write down names and addresses. For on-the-road entertainment, a Audi A3 infotainment complement offers drivers all of a customary song options and Internet radio stations.

Mercedes-Benz S550

Do we have an total bill and wish all a bells and whistles we can imagine? Check out a Mercedes-Benz S550. It has a vast LCD dashboard with LED lights that facilities all from meridian to audio to party to navigation functions. You can even entrance Wi-Fi from a preference of your automobile with a Mercedes S550’s built-in hotspot. If we suffer indulging in oppulance items, we will adore a massage choice on a seats as good as a cabin incense feature, that lets we smell perfumes with a hold of a button.

Tesla Model S

If we wish to feel connected to your automobile and to a Internet during a same time, a Tesla Model S has a 17-inch touchscreen on a dashboard that provides full entrance to a Internet and an inside demeanour into how a automobile is functioning. The Tesla Model S video arrangement is on all a time, that is a underline not benefaction in other vehicles.