Cardell Hayes Indicted for a Murder of Saints Player Will Smith

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Will Smith

Cardell Hayes, 28, was indicted by a grand jury on Thursday, Apr 28, 2016, on a second-degree murder assign of former 10-year New Orleans Saints defensive end, Will Smith. Hayes was brought into a courtroom in New Orleans, La., where he was not usually charged with a second-degree murder of Smith, though also for the attempt to dedicate second-degree murder, aggravated rapist attack with a firearm, and aggravated rapist damage. Hayes allegedly shot a former NFL actor 8 times. He is also being charged with a attempted murder of Smith’s widow, Racquel, who was shot twice though survived a shooting.

The rumpus occurred when Hayes’ Hummer rear-ended Smith’s Mercedes SUV on a dusk of Apr 9 in New Orleans, La. Smith signaled for Hayes to follow him, and they both pulled over their vehicles dual blocks away. According to a New Orleans Police Department, a span had exchanged difference when Hayes reached for his handgun and shot Smith and his wife. One of a lawyers representing a Smith family settled that Mrs. Smith begged for Hayes to leave them alone while holding her hands up. She settled that they “have children [and] this is not value this.” Hayes did not rush a stage and he was immediately arrested.

Hayes’ lawyers did not repudiate a sharpened of a Smiths, though instead, they are insisting that Hayes was a plant and not a invader in a incident. John Fuller, one of Hayes’ attorneys, told CNN that they have reason to trust a bystander available a rumpus before to gunshots being fired. The unclear declare reported that she saw a rumpus escalate, as good as what might have happened before to a shooting. The footage was confiscated by a New Orleans Police Department on a night of a altercation. Hayes’ invulnerability group is operative to obtain that footage. They have admitted it will uncover their customer is “legally not guilty.”

Hayes was indicted and pleaded not guilty to all 5 charges in a murder of Smith. His bond was set during $1.7 million. At a end of a hearing, Fuller mentioned his concerns per a events and altogether complaint process. As a invulnerability profession for 15 years, he settled he has never witnessed an complaint being announced in a rough conference process. Hayes was indicted but a ballistic report, an autopsy report, or a finalized military report, that also combined to Fuller’s disastrous greeting and frustrations.

The assign was systematic by Judge Camille Buras to spin over a declare lists and justification to a invulnerability by May 17. The subsequent conference is scheduled for Jun 3.

Approximately 650,000 people in a United States have died given 1980 due to gun violence. NOLA of Life was instituted by a city of New Orleans and designed to guide gang-affiliated group divided from violence. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu stood before a throng and spoke about his concerns per a assault that occurred, as good as a increasing aroused activity via a city. Furthermore, for combined effect, he stood in front of a print collage of a 1,003 people who were killed in his 6 years as mayor.

By Tricia Manalansan
Edited by Leigh Haugh

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Image Courtesy of Todd Martin’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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