Recreating interstellar ions with lasers

Trihydrogen, or H3+, has been called a electron that done a universe, where it plays a larger purpose in astrochemistry than any other molecule. While H3+ is astronomically abundant, no scientist accepted a mechanisms

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Flat microscope for a brain

Rice University engineers are building a prosaic microscope, called FlatScope TM, and building module that can decode and trigger neurons on a aspect of a brain. Their thought as partial of a new supervision

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Cross-laminated joist as seismic retrofit tool

Safer ancestral buildings and some-more jobs for a joist attention are a goals of a partnership between an Oregon State University constructional engineering researcher and a newly shaped nonprofit organisation in Corvallis, Oregon. Andre

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The Physics of Hearing

Humans have an odd heard ability: In a room full of people all intent in apart conversations, we can pull aside a unconnected voices and credentials sound to hear one sold speaker. Similarly, in

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