Cause and Effect: A Look during Boat Safety Technologies Over Time

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Telling a story of a invention and growth of hackneyed nonetheless critical vessel reserve technologies over time, Towergate Insurance have constructed an charcterised interactive permitting users to try areas of a vessel and learn about a apparatus that keeps us protected during sea.

boat safety

Navigating by several sections of a boat, users are given entrance to a timeline outline explaining how technologies such as radar and a common life coupler came into fruition, and how they have developed over time from their beginnings to a complicated day life-saving collection they are today.

Along a way, there are mentions of pivotal chronological events such as a falling of a Titanic and naval dispute during World War Two that possibly sparked a initiation of these technologies or offer as primary examples of when they played a critical life-saving role.

The technologies in doubt are:

  • Inflatable PFDs (life jackets)
  • Marine VHF Radio
  • Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB)
  • Self-Contained GPS
  • Kill Switches
  • Chart Plotters
  • BAC Monitor
  • Spot Trace

The information surrounding any record is organised chronologically and sum when and because a record came into existence, and events thereafter that saw changes and improvements to it over time.

The square can be noticed during this site.