Cease-Fire and Political Transition in Syria Crucial to Defeating ISIS, Kerry Says

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Secretary of State John Kerry, right, with President François Hollande of France in Paris on Tuesday. Mr. Kerry pronounced a Islamic State “will feel larger pressure” over a subsequent few weeks.

Philippe Wojazer/Reuters

PARIS — The United States, France and Russia contingency step adult their coordination in distinguished a Islamic State in Syria after a Paris militant attacks, Secretary of State John Kerry pronounced on Tuesday, though he insisted that team-work can't start until there is a cease-fire and a domestic transition.

Mr. Kerry voiced confidence that a change in Syria could come within weeks now that a United States and some-more than a dozen other nations, including Iran and Saudi Arabia, have concluded to a horizon to finish a predicament there.

That will depend, he said, on a ability of Syrian antithesis groups to classify and negotiate with a supervision of President Bashar al-Assad, and team-work from Russia and Iran to palliate a transition.

“Now, all we need is a commencement of a domestic process, and a cease-fire goes in place – that’s a enormous step,” he pronounced in an talk with reporters who were roving with him..

Mr. Kerry also met with President François Hollande of France on Tuesday to plead how to feature vigour opposite a Islamic State, also famous as ISIS, ISIL or a Arabic acronym Daesh.

“If we can get that done, that opens adult a orifice for a whole garland of things,” Mr. Kerry pronounced of a cease-fire in a four-year polite war. “So we’re weeks away, conceivably, from a probability of a large transition for Syria.”

The some-more fast a domestic changes occur, he added, “the faster a assault can finish down and we can besiege Daesh and al Nusra, and start to do what a plan has always set out to do.”

Although American and Russian army are pity singular information in their troops campaigns, they are not entirely coordinating their efforts opposite a Islamic State. France is also attack Islamic State targets in Syria.

United States officials fear that any information they common with Moscow about American-supported antithesis groups would be used by a Russians or Mr. Assad to aim them.

Once a domestic routine is on track, Mr. Kerry said, a United States and Russia could start to “cooperate on a broader scale, that we can’t do until we have some definition.”

Mr. Kerry’s tactful bid faces prolonged contingency in a multisided dispute in Syria, that has turn a substitute war, and it was not transparent either his desirous calendar is feasible.

Although a United States has pronounced Mr. Assad contingency leave bureau as partial of any resolution to a dispute in Syria, he has a support of Russia and Iran, and Iran’s emissary unfamiliar apportion reiterated that indicate on Monday.

But Kerry pronounced on Tuesday that it would be unfit to better a Islamic State but a depart of Mr. Assad.

“He’s complicit in a arise of Daesh, and therefore, as prolonged as Assad is there, we can't entirely go get absolved of this phenomenon,” Mr. Kerry said.

His comments came as he wrapped adult a revisit to Paris earnest that Islamic State “will feel larger pressure” in a entrance weeks in a arise of a militant attacks in Paris.

“Everybody understands that with Lebanon’s attacks, with what’s happened in Egypt, with Ankara, Turkey and attacks in Paris,” Mr. Kerry said, “we have to step adult a efforts to strike them during a core where they’re formulation these things, and also apparently to do some-more on borders in terms of a transformation of people.”

Mr. Kerry pronounced Mr. Hollande would revisit Washington subsequent week to accommodate with President Obama and plead ways of “increasing a efforts.”

“Over a march of a subsequent weeks, Daesh will feel larger pressure,” Mr. Kerry said.