Celebrity Makeup Looks We Are Loving Right Now

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Whether you’re roughly famous or a rising amicable media star in your possess right, luminary makeup looks offer copiousness of impulse for looking like a Hollywood bombshell yourself. Even if you’re operative 9 to 5 instead of strutting red carpets, we can simply grasp a demeanour by sketch your Instagram from Instagram. We’ve probed a inlet of amicable media to curate some of a stream favourite luminary beauty statements. From clear eyes to ideal pouts, these A-list makeup jobs are certain to enthuse your possess beauty this season.

Photo: lucyhale on Instagram 

Lucy Hale

The Pretty Little Liars star is simply famous by her ethereal facial facilities and adore of splendid lips. This image from Instagram is positively no exception, as a 28-year-old singer looks pleasing with her low red mouth colour. Meanwhile, her flawless intense skin, burning cheeks and lashings of mascara finish a makeup look.

Photo: ritaora on Instagram 

Rita Ora

Although Rita Ora is best famous for her familiar beats, a 26-year-old songstress is also fast gaining recognition for her moist beauty. Ora stuns with her darkly lined eyes, dim lashes and contoured physiognomy in this charming shot. We are also fondness her neutral, dark pinkish mouth colour, that emphasizes her full pout.

Photo: lordemusic on Instagram 


With a new recover of her new manuscript Pure Heroine, there’s no denying that Lorde has been only about everywhere. Aside from her music, a 20-year-old songstress has also been looking pleasing lately. This makeup demeanour enhances her strong, well-sculpted features, with a concentration on her overwhelming eyes. Lorde sports delicately smeared teal and bluish eyeliner and shadow, with a slight swift eye. The rest of her beauty demeanour is understated, with confidant eyebrows and light pinkish lips.