Cereal Cocktails Become Big Trend In London – Bring On The Cocoa Puffs!

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Bars and nightclubs are always looking for a subsequent ‘big thing’, a approach to pull picky congregation into their establishments. The prohibited new trend in London? Breakfast and drink = cereal cocktails. We’re not articulate healthy cereal here; we’re articulate sweetened cereals that move behind honeyed childhood memories. Just supplement sprinkles of cereal, infusions and syrups to customize a cocktail and spin it into a ideal ‘cereal cocktail’.

Speaking to ‘The Telegraph’ paper, Davide Segat, Bar Manager during The London Edition, where their Coco Pops cocktail is a best-seller, believes a Americans are to thank: “The judgment has indeed been around for a integrate of years, yet has usually recently done a approach opposite a Atlantic from a US routes. Like all large foodie extravagance, a cereal cocktail comes from America, and we consider it’s going to be a large trend this summer.”

Interested in perplexing out a cereal cocktail? See next for a ubiquitous recipe from a Cooking Channel.


Cereal Killer Cocktail

Total Time: 15 min
Prep Time: 5 min



1/2 crater of your elite cereal, and some-more crushed, for garnish
4 ounces milk, that has been shower in cereal (yields 2 oz. once strained)
1 unit amaretto
1 unit Irish whiskey and cream formed liqueur


Soak cereal in 4 ounces divert for 10 minutes, strain, supplement 2 ounces of a cereal-soaked divert into a shaker with amaretto and Irish whiskey-cream liqueur. Shake good over ice, strain, and afterwards ornament with dejected cereal.