‘Changing’ memories could reason pivotal to effective treatment

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QUT examine will examine either a pioneering new therapy can “change” dire memories to advantage people vital with bulimia.

Stop bulimia. Image credit: Merlymeleanrossana, Wikimedia Commons

Stop bulimia. Image credit: Merlymeleanrossana, Wikimedia Commons

Provisional Psychologist and veteran doctorate researcher Katie Vivian, from QUT’s School of Psychology and Counselling, is looking for participants to accept a new form of psychotherapy a examine group has called Memory Reconsolidation Therapy.

The examine group is looking for people aged 18 and over who have a diagnosis of bulimia nervosa and who have gifted a past dire eventuality or events. This could embody romantic and/or psychological (i.e. bullying), physical, or passionate abuse before to building bulimia nervosa.

Ms Vivian pronounced a prior consult of 176 people with bulimia nervosa found 80 per cent had gifted romantic abuse, 41 per cent earthy abuse and 25 per cent passionate abuse.

“When an particular practice a dire event, a fear memory compared with this eventuality is really clever and can impact severely on a person’s daily life,” she said.

“For some people, after a dire eventuality they might knowledge flashbacks, anxiety, or feel as yet they are always on warning or in a moody or quarrel mode.

“These symptoms can be really formidable to cope with and can continue to impact on a person’s life for many years after a event.

“It is suspicion that for some people a fear memories might play a purpose in progressing a symptoms of bulimia nervosa, including binge eating episodes.”

Ms Vivian pronounced a therapy a examine group had grown directed to assistance people conduct dire memories and “reduce a fear” compared with a memories.

“We suppose memories as being utterly fast though they are indeed receptive to change,” she said.

“We wish to daub into how to revoke a impact and trouble of fear memories.”

Approaching a diagnosis in a “systematic way”, participants would be speedy to re-tell their dire memories in 12-16 private, protected and tranquil sessions during a QUT Kelvin Grove Campus.

“Most people understandably wish to equivocate terrible memories,” Ms Vivian said.

“Some normal healing approaches are a bit like throwing a sweeping over that strange fear memory. But what many people find is that down a lane a sweeping slips off and a mishap of a memory returns.

“Our therapy is not perplexing to retard out a memory, though change a fear compared with it. We go by a memory until a heated fear that was once compared with a memory is reduced.”

It is probable that impasse in a plan might advantage people vital with bulimia by assisting to revoke a symptoms compared with a condition.

Source: qut.edu.au