Charleston Monster Confesses and Is Charged With Nine Counts of Murder

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The Charleston beast confesses and is charged with 9 depends of murder for a heinous violence committed at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Governor Nikki Haley has done statements that a purported murderer, Dylann Roof should get a genocide penalty.

Roof a 21-year-old supremacist felt that “blacks were holding over a world” so he went into a ancestral black church and killed 9 people who attended a bible study. These people were mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends to others, and had no business in this immature man’s life and had not contributed to his ire. There were 3 survivors who witnessed a electrocute and who also mislaid kin and friends on Wednesday night.

Joey Meek, an familiarity of a Charleston Monster claims that Roof mentioned his intentions nights before a electrocute occurred and summarized a devise that enclosed assault and guns, this morning military claimed that Roof confessed and is being charged with 9 depends of murder. Roof, has a record of misconduct drug offenses and trespassing.

Charleston and a republic are angry during a massacre. A burial hosted by a city of Charleston will be hold this Friday during 6 p.m. during 301 assembly street. Loretta Lynch a United States Attorney General claimed that in further to Charleston Monster’s confessions and charges with 9 depends of murder, a occurrence will be investigated as a hatred crime.

By Olivia Uribe-Mutal


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