Charlie Sheen reveals he is HIV-positive, receives support from Magic Johnson

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Washington: US actor Charlie Sheen, as good famous for his on-screen work as his off-screen antics, revealed on Tuesday he is HIV-positive, and paid millions of dollars in hush money.

“I am here to acknowledge that we am in fact HIV-positive,” a 50-year-old Sheen pronounced on a NBC morning speak uncover Today.

“It’s a tough 3 letters to absorb, we know?,” he said. “It’s a branch indicate in one’s life.”

Sheen, whose army as a prime womanizing bachelor on a sitcom Two and a Half Men done him America’s top paid TV actor, pronounced he has famous of his condition for about 4 years though does not know how he engaged a virus.

File print of Charlie Sheen. AFP File print of Charlie Sheen. AFP

File print of Charlie Sheen. AFP

He pronounced he has paid “upwards of $10 million” to people who knew about his infection to keep them still and that he is entrance purify to shun those “shakedowns.”

“What people forget is that it’s income taken from my children,” he pronounced about a extortion. Sheen has been married 3 times and has 5 children.

Asked if he is still profitable such money, he pronounced “Not after today, we am not. we consider we expelled myself from this jail today.”

Most recently famous for a TV array Anger Management, Sheen had distinguished film roles in a 1980s, quite in Vietnam quarrel film Platoon and Wall Street with Michael Douglas.

Sheen pronounced that when he initial started feeling sick, with terrible migraines and sweating so most during night it soaked his bed, it was so bad he suspicion he had a mind growth and was tighten to death.

After undergoing tests. “spinal taps, all that crap”, doctors gave him a diagnosis that he had a pathogen that causes AIDS.

‘My heart hurts’

Over a years, Sheen has concurred widespread drug and ethanol use as good as a gusto for employing prostitutes.

Sheen, son of a actor Martin Sheen, pronounced that given removing his diagnosis he has told all of his passionate partners before carrying intercourse.

He also pronounced he was certain that he had not upheld on a pathogen to any of his partners.

Sheen’s alloy Robert Huizenga, appearing in a same NBC interview, pronounced Sheen is holding anti-viral medication, has responded good and now has an undetectable turn of a pathogen in his body.

“My biggest regard with Charlie as a studious is piece abuse and basin from a illness some-more than what a HIV pathogen can do in terms of cutting his life, since it is not going to,” Huizenga said.

He insisted Sheen does not have full-blown AIDS.

On Twitter, #CharlieSheen was trending, with many people expressing startle or even offend that he had paid $10 million to disguise his secret.

Words of magnetism came from singer Heather Locklear, who seemed with Sheen in a sitcom “Spin City”, that ran from 1996-2002.

“My heart hurts. Prayers for Charlie and his family,” Locklear wrote on Instagram, where she posted a design of her and Sheen.

Support from Magic Johnson

Basketball star Magic Johnson, who had done a identical explanation over dual decades ago, tweeted in support of Sheen. He pronounced that he hopes Sheen’s explanation will assistance widespread recognition about HIV.

‘Temporary nonetheless deplorable descent’

In 2011, Sheen was dismissed from Two and a Half Men after criticizing a writer in a tide of media outbursts, losing a estimated $2 million an part he was creation during a time.

The CBS uncover was subsequently canceled for a rest of that season. The sitcom after returned — with Sheen’s impression killed off.

Sheen went on a months-long open meltdown in a arise of his dismissal, during that he gave a array of wayward radio interviews in that he seemed to be underneath a outcome of drugs or alcohol, observant weird things like that he had “tiger blood” and “Adonis DNA.”

In several interviews, he seemed really cocky and referred to himself mostly someone who was “winning.”

By his possess timeline given Tuesday, 2011 would be about a time Sheen schooled of his HIV-positive diagnosis. In a talk with Today, he was not asked about any couple between a diagnosis and his breakdown.

But in an open minute expelled after a interview, Sheen pronounced that after he had started diagnosis and felt he was “kicking this disease’s ass”, out of anger, contrition and dishonesty he fell into a downward spiral.

He called it “a proxy nonetheless deplorable skirmish into surpassing piece abuse and deep drinking. It was a self-murder run.”

Sheen certified Tuesday he is not holding recreational drugs any some-more though does splash “a small bit.”

He returned to radio in 2012 with Anger Management, though a run on a FX network finished final year.

Sheen pronounced that now that he has left open and is giveaway of blackmailers, “I accept this condition not as a abuse or scourge, though rather as an event and a challenge. An event to assistance others. A plea to improved myself.”

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