Charts Amplifying a contingency for a Gold and Silver Price Rally

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We live in a dysfunctional world.

The whole United States media, TV, radio, and print are vast purveyors of misinformation and lies.  The law is not authorised to exist, that is impossibly ironic, for when a open is told a truth, it is not believed for a law does not determine with all of a media-fed lies.  Truth is self-existent in politics where lies are stable by a Supreme Court.

Ever given a Constitutional United States of American was taken over by a de facto corporate sovereign government, aka THE UNITED STATES, spelled in all capitalized letters to imply a standing as a corporation, a elites have been in assign of all politicians, and in a news peep for a immeasurable uninformed public, that includes a president.  We dump these occasional gems on a uninformed though providing in-depth explanations given they have been a rubbish of time on a open austere in their enterprise to sojourn politically challenged.

A residence is a fiction.  It is combined by state governments, and as usually mentioned, all companies are spelled in all capitalized letters.  Have we ever beheld how your driver’s assent has your named spelled in all capitalized letters?  Voter registration? Birth/death/   matrimony certificate?  Because all governments are corporate fictions, they can usually understanding with other corporate fictions.  Whether we know it or not, trust it or not, as distant as any and all supervision are concerned, we are a corporate fiction, not human.  You remove that form when traffic with supervision on any level.

We digress.

The corporate supervision is responsible to a moneychangers, a banking elites who possess and run this country, a UK, EU, Canada, Australia, et al.  Voting is an apparition for a masses who trust otherwise.   Who is unequivocally in charge?  A comparatively tiny series of faceless people who possess and are behind a whole universe banking system.

Obama forced his Obamacare by opposite widespread open rejection.  It is zero some-more than giving a medical industry, Big Pharma, sum control over a medical complement and sum control over what we will be charged, and one of a largest increases in family losses over a past year or some-more has been a skyrocketing costs of healthcare, joined with a co-ordinate decrease in tangible health caring by doctors/hospitals.  Do we still consider Obama had a US open in mind?  His solitary purpose is to offer corporate interests.

On a smaller scale, final week, Texas military tighten down a lemonade mount run by dual sisters, ages 7 and 8.  They wanted to acquire some income to buy their father a father’s day gift.  They did not have a assent assent to sell lemonade.

The Obama Department Of Justice has been incompetent to find any indiscretion in all a Too Big To Fail Banks given he has been in office, notwithstanding all a vast debt fraud, a banishment of vast millions of homeowners that resulted, though dual kids got nailed for not carrying a assent to sell lemonade.

How about a 11 year-old child whose relatives were behind removing home?  He did not have a residence key, so he played basketball in his behind yard for about 90 minutes.  Some neighbor called a police.  When a relatives arrived, they were arrested, strip-searched, and finger printed, spending a night in jail for child neglect.  It was roughly a month before a child and his 4 year-old worry were reunited with their parents.   Both kids were taken by Child Protection Services.

How about that neighbor?  Why not go over and ask a child if he were okay, or entice a child to stay during a neighbor’s residence until a relatives arrived?  Nope.  The simpleton called a military and combined massacre for this family that is still on-going.  This is life in America.

No one, or unequivocally few have any direction.  Politicians are destined by money-interests, fed by a elites.

On a tellurian scale, a IMF, Germany, EU are personification Greece in sequence to frame that already broke country of as much of a remaining resources as possible.  It is a mistake to call this Kabuki theater.  It is simply a museum of a absurd.

Germany’s Machiavellian position to publicly pant and smoke over Greece’s rejection to repay debts and rivet in nonetheless some-more austerity, over a past several months, has helped to keep a Euro dollar low, thereby creation a exports cheaper.  With a new proclamation of Deutsche Bank’s leaders resigning, like rats deserting a falling ship, their shun might be tied to a “Grexit” situation.

Deutsche Bank has over $75 trillion in derivatives exposure, that is 20 times incomparable than a German GDP.  All banks are unofficially broke with their Ponzi fiat schemes and run amok financial wheeling and dealing, generally in off-balance piece derivatives that have no wish of ever being resolved.

If it takes a Greek default to force Deutsche Bank into open insolvency, “Go Greece!” Push those bankers into bankruptcy.  Start a domino-effect of bringing down a bankers like a residence of cards.  May they all debase in ruin for a repairs they have wrought on a rest of a world.  None of them cared about a trail of drop being left behind, as prolonged as they got their bonuses and combined resources in a process.

People should also stop blaming a Greeks as freeloaders, reluctant to compensate their debts.  The “money,” indeed digitalized “currency” combined out of skinny atmosphere by a IMF, never existed until it was “loaned” to Greece.  Greece perceived Ponzi fiat and has to compensate back actual genuine [still Ponzi fiat] money, with interest, to elite’s IMF that combined a fiat as a bookkeeping sleight of hand.  The EU, IMF, and Germany all knew Greece would never be means to compensate behind what was “loaned.”  The whole thing was a sham to indenture Greece, and not usually Greece. Think PIIGS.

Always, always follow a “money.”  The whole Western banking system, from a BIS, IMF, and any other member executive bank is a NWO master devise to indenture a universe underneath a singular digital currency.  Cash will disappear.  Everyone’s financial annals will be famous by a banking elite.  This is Big Brother squared by a cause of 100, 1,000, collect a number, it does not matter.

The devise is to make a sincerely assertive and war-minded corporate US, and by prolongation a path dog EU, eventually a vital problem creator, a charge already accomplished, while China, Russia, with all of their financial dealings, and their merger of immeasurable amounts of bullion and silver, substantiating a Asian Axis, Silk Road, AIIB, BRICS and a Development Bank, etc, seem to be a new takeover winners.  All of this is being orchestrated by a elites by a BIS, IMF to finish a takedown of a fiat US “dollar” to be transposed by a new financial system, maybe Special Drawing Rights [SDRs]?  Who knows?  One thing is certain: it will lead to a investiture of a One World Currency.

Check mate, by a NWO.

As of today, there is a tiny fold in a NWO swell of their conduct pimp, Barack Obama, for flitting a Trans Pacific Partnership [TPP], Transatlantic trade Investment Partnership [TTIP], and Trade In Services Agreement [TISA], usually got derailed and the Obama full justice press to pass his bulletin on a “fast track” basis, definition no one could know what a essence of a deals included, was slam-dunked opposite him.

The TPP does not embody China or Russia.  How can there be a “Pacific Partnership” though a dual largest economies?  The TTIP is purportedly a “free trade” understanding with a exploding de facto EU.  The Obama administration is ever so crafty in a tactful insanity to try to pass these deals though open knowledge/consent given if a sum were famous he would be impeached for his attempted fraud opposite this country.   As a supposed inherent lawyer, Obama has to know that any of his due trade deals would give companies a right to sue any individual, sovereign state, county and/or municipality for detriment of potential income if that residence were prevented from conducting a neglected business.  This totally violates Article III of a Constitution.

This is a dysfunctional universe combined by a general bankers who control everything, money, governments, media, all vital corporations, and a disaster keeps removing messier and decidedly worse.

If we do not possess bullion and/or silver, a above are some of a best reasons for pulling a China or Russia and shopping as most as we can pretty handle.  When a Western universe unravels economically, and it is in a process, already, one of your usually means for financial viability will be carrying bullion or china to means we as others see their paper fiat and other “paper assets” turn worthless.

If we do not consider that is a instruction in that this universe is headed, watch programs like CNBC or Bloomberg News.  They tell we what we wish to hear about how splendidly good a UNITED STATES is prospering.

Buy silver.  Buy gold.  It might take longer than we consider before a SHTF unfolding comes into full bloom.  You have a choice.  Put your faith in meaningless fiat and other meaningless paper assets, or put your faith and destiny into tough resources that have a proven story of resources preservation.


Governments and all politicians lie, a media lies, charts do not.  Why not?  Charts are comprised of all a trade activity that develops any day.  They accurately account all buying/selling activity and zero more.  In that regard, charts are neutral, simply depicting a net formula of all active participants.

It is critical to know that if a draft causes an romantic reaction: disappointment, fear, elation, unmet expectations, nothing of these emotions come from a charts though come, instead, from we as a spectator adding your possess interpretation/reaction.  We do a best to benefaction a understandable facts, some of that might lead to intensity conclusions, though during no time are charts used to envision a future, ever a unknown.

The fiat Federal Reserve Note, famous to a universe as a “dollar,” being some-more and some-more shunned by a some-more reality-driven, useful Eastern world, is still in presence mode and will sojourn so until a elite’s BIS/IMF complement is prepared to wholly let that fiat remove all credibility.

As an instance of traffic with facts, note a pointy boost in volume, final bar, see arrow.  Volume represents a bid between buyers and sellers.  When a volume bar is red, it means cost sealed reduce that a before close, typically denoting sellers won a battle. When a volume bar is green, cost sealed aloft from a before close, credit given to buyers for prevalent in that time period.

Last week was a top down volume for a past few years.  That is an understandable fact on that all can agree.  However, note a impact of that volume [effort], on final week’s bar.  The operation was smaller than a week before, and a tighten was above a before week’s low.

Armed with these facts, ask yourself, if final week was a top volume for a down week, what was a boon for a sellers?  We do not unequivocally see one, for a reasons usually cited.  If all of that bid constructed tiny in a approach of results, what does that contend about a offered activity?  Their bid is being engrossed by a stronger buyers.  Here it is critical to remember a trend, that is up, given a trend tends to continue until it changes.

Selling efforts tend to remove intensity in an uptrend.  This is a judicious finish that can be drawn from a neutral information generated by building marketplace activity prisoner in draft form.  Based on this read, it creates clarity to contend that a trend stays in effect, and for as prolonged as it does, cost will trend higher.

The charts can't “predict” how a marketplace will reveal higher, usually that a luck of price going aloft is larger than otherwise.   How to take advantage of this information is a art form of reading/interpreting charts.  That is an wholly opposite issue.

dx W 13 Jun 15

The dim plane line is called an Axis Line given cost is respecting it over a prolonged duration of time, primarily as support, now as resistance.  It would not be irrational to contend that until china can recover above 18, it will sojourn in a down trend.

Of sold seductiveness is a fact of how tiny final week’s operation was, a smallest bar given final September.  Here again there is proof in a market.  The operation was tiny given sellers were incompetent to extend cost lower, and that is loyal given buyers were assembly a efforts of sellers in what was a stand-off.  If sellers could not pierce cost lower, afterwards that opens a doorway for buyers to convene a marketplace subsequent week?

Will that happen?  No one knows, though a contingency are some-more auspicious for that eventuality to occur, though that does not meant sellers can't step adult and pull cost reduce immediately, subsequent week.  This is since charts are not predictive in inlet given anything can happen.  All one can do is sign a luck of one eventuality function some-more than another.

Note where a tiny adult inclined line to uncover where aloft lows starts.  The pitch low in Mar was also a tiny operation bar where a same finish was drawn: buyers stopped sellers from fluctuating cost lower, and that non-stop a doorway for a rally.  The contingency preference a identical eventuality for subsequent week, though not one that is guaranteed.

If we note final week’s volume was still comparatively high, it means sellers were creation an effort, though buyers were strenuous that effort, interlude sellers cold, during slightest for final week.  Odds preference a rally, though one need not rise given sellers might come behind in larger force and take behind control.  Anything can happen.  It is a probabilities game.

SI W 13 Jun15

We see a daily charts amplifying a contingency for a convene subsequent week.  The initial 7 TDs [Trading Days] in Jun had a top volume, a biggest offered effort, all though one of a TDs were red.  Typically, intelligent income [controlling interests], sells highs where we would design to see offered volume greater.  When volume is noticeably aloft during a pitch low, it would be intelligent income doing a shopping and a open offered their longs during reduce prices before they [may or might not] go lower.

That increasing offered bid stopped during before support.  Note a smaller rectilinear bar inside a block box.  There is a clustering of closes, in further to a overlapping of bars.  Experience tells us overlapping bars means change between buyers and sellers, and from change comes unbalance.  The clustering of closes is another form of balance, a resting of cost before resuming a trend preceding it or reversing direction.

The final dual bars uncover high finish closes.  Closes in a top partial of a bar tells we that buyers were some-more widespread in that time period.  If we bond these pieces of significant observations, aloft volume during support, overlapping bars, a clustering of closes, top operation closes for a final dual bars, a contingency are some-more auspicious for buyers over sellers. It is a judicious finish formed only on building marketplace activity.

We used it to take a tiny position from a prolonged side noticing a singular downside risk by using  a protecting sell stop [never trade though stops], and an opposite intensity for a convene to a upside, a auspicious risk/reward conditions within a down trend.

SI D 13 Jun 15

Gold is somewhat different, though not by much.  The weekly close, dual bars ago, on disappearing volume told us sellers were not as active as cost changed lower.  That opens a doorway for buyers to try to convene cost higher.

In this instance, cost is in a TR.  Back in Dec 2013, there was a identical set up, though cost had been in a solid decrease relocating into that pitch low.  Nothing is ever a same given a participants are totally opposite so cost will rise differently.  We usually can't know how, nor do we need to know.  A trade formed on auspicious luck contingency possibly works or it does not.  It is that simple.  Over a vast adequate representation of auspicious trade odds, a net outcome will be profitable.  That is a Law of Probability.

GC W 13 Jun 15

The biggest tell for us on a daily charts are a dual high volume days during 1.  That they occurred during a pitch low, in a section of support, is some-more demonstrative of buyers some-more active than sellers.  The rally, final week, was weak, though that speaks to not being means to envision how a marketplace will rise going into a future.

For disclosure, we also took a prolonged position in paper gold, formed on all covered. Time will tell.  If it does not work, another trade intensity will come along.

GC D 13 Jun 15