Charts Show Gold Prices Nearing A Secular Support

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Charts Show Gold Prices Nearing A Secular Support

Charts Show Gold Prices Nearing A Secular Support

The prolonged tenure draft of bullion shows that we are really tighten to physical support, that goes behind several decades. Old insurgency becomes support, so a 1980 and 2008 peaks will be behaving a clever support. Moreover, support coincides with a psychological turn of 1,000 USD. In sum, we trust a downside is limited!


It is not usually gold, though other heading line that are impending outrageous support.

Crude oil, behaving as a pivotal appetite asset, is testing a 1990 rise of 39.5 USD/barrel. The draft next is a monthly chart, so we could see an intra-month blip next 39.50 USD, identical to final August, though chances are really tiny that wanton oil will be trade structurally next a 1990 peak.


Another heading commodity is copper. It has a opposite draft structure, though a draft shows (in a possess way) that vicious support is near, as a immature trendline is only 10% next today’s mark price. Note that copper has corrected -50% from a all-time high, that is another approach to contend that a downside is limited.


Our finish is that we have reached outrageous support areas in 3 heading assets.

Do not forget this order of thumb: Investors make their biggest gains when shopping during physical support levels.

Given a unbending improvement in bullion and commodities, we do not expect a distracted longhorn marketplace as of a impulse support is reached. Our view? As changed metals were a initial item to correct, we expect they will be a initial to recover.



Courtesy: Goldsilverworlds

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