Chasing Genius: Unlimited Innovation

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At National Geographic, we trust transformational ideas can come from anywhere. From anyone. That’s because we combined CHASING GENIUS, a digital village designed to inspire, ignite, and capacitate a talent inside any of us. Explore your curiosities, share your stories, and spin your ideas into catalysts for change in a world.

In a initial challenge, a CHASING GENIUS village common thousands of game-changing ideas around a issues of tellurian health, universe hunger, and environmental sustainability. On Sep 18, 2017, we announced a 4 winners — who any perceived $25,000 to take their thought to a subsequent level.

Now, a CHASING GENIUS: UNLIMITED INNOVATION plea is designed to reimagine a network of a destiny by breakthrough ideas and innovative solutions that will renovate a world. Technology is a subsequent good limit and we wish to try it with you. Ideas are evaluated on a following criteria: innovation, creativity, viability, and inspiration. Members of a CHASING GENIUS Council assistance select finalists, and you’ll have a possibility to opinion and assistance us select a winning entry, who will accept $25,000 to serve their idea.

Share your sparks of talent with us, and review, share and criticism on a ideas that enthuse you. Be certain to daub into a artistic talent of your friends and family and inspire them to participate, too. Together, we can precedence a energy of connectivity to suppose a improved world.

Genius lives in all of us. Unleash yours.


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