Chemical Fingerprints Against Illegally Harvested Trees

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Scientists from Oregon USDA Forest Service’s Pacific Northwest Research Station have grown a process of last where a square of timber comes from, formed on a singular chemical signature. This is a mangle by to quarrel opposite illegally harvested trees from stable areas. Off-course alien lumber is accompanied by papers that state a geographic origin, though unfortunately it can simply be forged.

The researchers used a technique famous as DART-TOFMS (direct investigate in genuine time time-of-flight mass spectrometry), that allows them to detect a participation and relations contentment of several chemicals in a annual expansion rings of timber samples. The samples are tiny, and could be done prepared for investigate in 15 seconds. These investigate shows that trees from a same race common a same singular chemical fingerprint. Those chemical fingerprints differs between dual populations, that are located reduction than 100 km apart. It has to be dynamic if those differences are due to genetic factors, environmental factors, or a multiple of a two. In comparing samples taken from 188 trees, a scientists were means to establish that of a populations any representation came from with an correctness rate of 70 percent that could be softened as a record is refined.


Source: Botanical Society of America and a paper on a investigate was published in a journal Applications in Plant Sciences.


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