Chicago Video Released Shooting of 17-Year-Old by Officer

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The Chicago Police Department has expelled a video of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald being shot by an officer in Oct 2014. Due to a fury a conditions created, when a video was released, Mayor Rahm Emanuel asked a village to sojourn calm. The mayor believes this time can build bridges between races and emanate an understanding. He does not wish a video to develop into a separator of misunderstanding.

Garry McCarthy, a superintendent of a Chicago military department, believes people have a right to be angry. He also acknowledges a annoy of a people confirming their right to giveaway speech, and their right to protest. He, however, settled that people are but a right to attend in rapist activity. Not even in anger. Chicago was prepared for protests before a recover of a video.

The Chicago military officer who has been charged with a murder of a teenage boy has been fired, according to McCarthy. The former military officer contingency comment for his actions in holding a immature man’s life, he continued.

The officer who committed a deadly sharpened of a black teenager, McDonald, has been charged with first-degree murder. This is a branch indicate for a city braced for unrest. Anita Alvarez, a State’s Attorney for Cooks County, announced that former officer, Jason Van Dyke, had incited himself into authorities, Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015.

McDonald did not poise a hazard to anyone when he was fatally shot. Van Dyke killed a black teen after he was already bleeding from a gunshot and was fibbing on a ground. Then a former Chicago officer, unnecessarily, killed a immature male by sharpened him 16 times.

The former Chicago officer was still on a department’s payroll until Nov. 24, on singular duty, while a review continued. Van Dyke was charged a day before a deadline to recover a video of a shooting. Van Dyke’s profession referred to a video as “graphic, disturbing, and formidable to watch.”

By Jeanette Smith


CNN: Chicago military officer charged with murder
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