Chihuahua Hilariously Loses It When She Sees Her Favorite Human After Two Months

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Pretty most each time we come home after withdrawal for a few hours, both of my dogs screech uncontrollably. Their complacency only from saying me is so honeyed that it never gets old.

I frequency go out of city on vacation, so we couldn’t even suppose what their reactions would be if we came behind from being left for a few weeks, let alone months. But if this chihuahua’s waggish response is any indication, they’d totally weird out.

Miss Poppy hasn’t seen her owner, Michael Tully, for a past dual months while a executive was divided filming in Ireland. She was so vivacious when he finally came home that she only couldn’t enclose how overjoyed she was, and it’s adorable.

Dogs are severely a best. We unequivocally don’t merit their sweet, amatory selves. Share if your bushy small cuties conflict a same approach when we come home!