Chris Hansen Is Ready for a Comeback!

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Chris Hansen participated in Little League Wrestling when he was 10 years old. He competed in Megalodon Tournaments adult by center propagandize and a he assimilated a wrestling group in high propagandize with his comparison brother.

His wrestling skills are conspicuous in a cage. However, once he started kickboxing, he mislaid all seductiveness in a belligerent game. Now, his concentration in on Jiu-jitsu and his is a some-more well-rounded fighter. His comparison hermit starting churned martial humanities fighting after high school, so Hansen simply followed in his footsteps.

Hansen admits he started fighting as a travel warrior and in churned martial humanities before he started training. Hansen mislaid his initial MMA fight, though won his second, 7 days later, and he was hooked. He took dual fights a month to feed his addiction. Hansen did not caring that he lost, he had a event to get into a cage.

Win or lose, Hansen is interesting to watch. Recently, he has taken dual years off to concentration on his training, though would like to get one some-more quarrel in after Real MMA XVI on Jan. 26, 2018, before going pro like is hermit Michael.

As a beginner, he threw punches instead of timing his jabs and kicks. Hansen has schooled that when he is focused on throwing, he can't see what is coming. He knows now, he has to be studious and concentration on his opponent.

Hansen will go toe-to-toe with Calvin Agabin, on Jan. 26, during Real MMA XVI.

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By Jeanette Smith


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