Chubu Electric Power and Toyota to Commence Electrified Vehicle Battery Reuse and Recycling Verification Project

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Nagoya City, Japan, Jan 31, 2018―Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. (Chubu Electric Power) and Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) now announce that a dual companies have resolved a simple agreement with a aim of commencing a corroboration devise that entails construction of a large-capacity storage battery complement (Storage Battery System) that reuses electrified car batteries (batteries), as good as hearing of a recycling of used batteries.

Chubu Electric Power recognizes a significance of accurate government of fluctuations in a appetite supply-demand change caused by a new large-scale introduction of renewable energy, and is compelling efforts toward offer improving a operation of a electric appetite system.

Toyota is actively compelling a use of electrified vehicles, as per “Toyota’s Challenge to Promote Widespread Use of Electrified Vehicles” announced in Dec 2017, and is also posterior a effective use of batteries and a growth of amicable infrastructure that will support a widespread adoption of electrified vehicles.

1. Reuse of Batteries

Pursuant to a simple agreement resolved today, a dual companies aim to reuse batteries collected from electrified vehicles made by Toyota as a storage battery complement for function in assembly several hurdles acted by a electric appetite system.

When total in vast numbers, used batteries, even with reduced opening levels, can be repurposed for appetite supply-demand adjustments, magnitude fluctuation management, and voltage fluctuation government in placement systems, all factors that accompany a widespread introduction of renewable energy.

Not usually can these efforts offer as a resolution to residence a hurdles within a electric appetite system, Chubu Electric Power and Toyota design these efforts to have certain effects in a operation of thermal appetite plants.

Examples of regulating a Storage Battery System to solve hurdles in a electric appetite complement (illustration)

1. Utilization for appetite supply-demand adjustment

2. Utilization to opposite magnitude fluctuations

3. Utilization to opposite voltage fluctuations in placement systems

In FY 2018, Chubu Electric Power and Toyota will embark corroboration of a Storage Battery System. Based on a formula of a corroboration test, a dual companies aim to deliver appetite era ability of approximately 10,000 kW, homogeneous to 10,000 batteries, in FY 2020.

The initial theatre will engage nickel-metal hydride batteries, that are now being used in vast quantities, especially in hybrid electric vehicles (HEV). By around 2030, a devise is to embody lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV).

2. Recycling of Batteries

The dual companies will cruise substantiating a apparatus to recycle reused batteries by collecting materials such as rare-earth metals and re-utilizing them.

Flow of reusing/recycling (illustration)

Flow of reusing/recycling (illustration)

Both companies will continue to minister to a offer growth of a segment with an aim of achieving both a apparatus recycling multitude and a low-carbon multitude by initiatives such as a commercialization of battery reuse and recycling.

Source: Toyota

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