Chunky Highlights Are Back And Better Than Ever

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Photo: nayara_bezerra0 on Instagram 

Although we are used to a recognition of subtly blended blond streaks, it seems that corpulent highlights might be entertainment a comeback. This 1990s favourite was once noticed as run-down and youthful, though is now returning as a hair trend for 2017. Just like a initial time around, corpulent highlights aim to lighten adult thatch with their symmetrical, blocked sections of colour. From gold to caramel, these retro character streaks are behind with a vengeance.

Photo: on Instagram 

If we need some-more evidence, simply peek during a several examples of corpulent highlights, that are fast surfacing on amicable media. Chunky phony strands are educational ebony tresses and lovely lighter tones. Whether you’re a brunette, redhead or blonde, this colour trend is positively an choice for you. As with any highlights, try to hang to shades that agree your healthy hair colour and skin tones. Those with dim hair and olive complexions can try caramel highlights, while sugar blondes can examination with golden streaks.

Will we be requesting corpulent highlights from your colourist, or is this revisited trend improved left in a past?

Photo: tayy_cosmo20 on Instagram