Circular Design Challenge

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Image credit: OpenIdeo / YouTube screenshot

In partnership with a Ellen MacArthur Foundation, OpenIDEO invites participants in this Challenge to request a beliefs of a round economy to rethinking a pattern of cosmetic wrapping that now ends adult in landfills or in nature, and exploring new ways of removing products to people but formulating cosmetic waste. Top ideas will be in row to win a share of a $1M prize.

As partial of a New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize, a Circular Design Challenge asks a question:

How competence we get products to people but formulating cosmetic waste?

The Circular Design Challenge seeks to catalyse creation and assistance to allege a growth of new wrapping formats and/or smoothness models that can be alternatives to a ones used today. The Challenge targets small-format equipment – that make adult 10% of all cosmetic wrapping – and embody things like salsa and shampoo sachets, wrappers and tear-offs, straws, take-away coffee crater lids and bottle caps. These equipment generally don’t get recycled, possibly since they are so light and tiny they get filtered out in programmed classification processes, or since they are not value a bid to be collected and sorted manually.

Source: IdeaConnection

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