Cisco updates CCIE, CCNA certifications: IoT, cloud now mandatory

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Cisco has updated a CCIE Data Center and CCNA Security certifications to ready IT professionals for a elaborating IT landscape. The certifications will now include topics such as Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, business transformation, and network programmability.

Cisco is reworking a licence of all expert-level CCIE and Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) acceptance programs to safeguard that experts are versed on new technical areas that are moulding business plan and operations.

Courtesy: Cisco websiteCourtesy: Cisco website

Courtesy: Cisco website

Updates embody a new comment proceed focused on ensuring that possibilities denote believe and skills with elaborating technologies such as Network Programmability, Cloud and IoT; and one created and lab examination topics to denote that possibilities possess a holistic perspective of any examination domain.

The association is launching CCIE Data Center chronicle 2.0 that certifies expert-level skills focused on modernized information core solutions indispensable to design, exercise and troubleshoot complex, complicated information core infrastructure. It provides skills focused on end-to-end government of formidable information centers directed during policy-based infrastructure, modernized virtualization, adaptation and automation.

CCIE Data Center is a initial acceptance of a expert-level module to exercise a changes to structure, including elaborating technologies and one examination topic. Additions of skills are directed during elaborating technologies – including IoT, SDN and Cloud – and their impact on architectural framework, deployment models, implementation, and operations.

In addition, a rested CCNA Security expands concentration from network certainty to end-to-end IT security, with importance on core technologies and skills indispensable to say craving information systems. Training and exams now embody newer technologies, such as 802.1x, ISE, BYOD, Cloud Web Security, Cloud Virtualization, FirePOWER, FireSIGHT, Advanced Malware Protection, Cloud and Virtualization.

Tejas Vashi, director, product plan marketing, Cisco Services, said, “The module enhancements we are introducing currently will assistance people rise future-proof IT skills indispensable to support business outcomes, and organizations benefit a certainty that their workforce is lerned and learned to maximize investments in pivotal technologies.”