CNN Needs to Follow CBS Lead and Immediately Fire Jeff Zeleny

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CNN strike a new low. Following President Donald J. Trump’s remarks to a republic on a Las Vegas massacre, Senior White House Correspondent Jeff Zeleny, on live TV, pronounced he “found a debate to be pitch-perfect” though afterwards asked people to “keep in mind” that many nation song fans are Trump supporters.

Zeleny’s remarks have no place in a vicious news news surrounding a bulk of tragedy a victims and their families have suffered.

CNN’s “Senior White House Correspondent,” needs to be replaced. Zeleny is unqualified of withdrawal his narrow-minded domestic views out of vicious reporting.

Using a harmful and misfortune mass sharpened in a U.S., to widespread his domestic opinion is unacceptable.

Worse is a impact his comments will have on a victims and their families. Families who are still watchful to hear a standing of a desired one. Family members who balance in to find news about a shooter and looking for answers on because their desired one died so senselessly.

What do they hear? CNN’s “Senior White House Correspondent,” personification politics with a biggest tragedy of their life.

CNN, You Need to Follow a Lead of CBS News and Fire Zeleny

Zeleny’s statement is as cruel and outrageous as remarks done on Facebook by CBS Vice President Hayley Geftman-Gold, who posted these words, “country song fans mostly are Republican,” and “I’m indeed not even sensitive bc nation song fans mostly are Republican gun toters.”

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny echoed this same view referring to those who attended a unison by observant they were many expected “Trump Supporters.”

CBS released a matter currently announcing a evident banishment of Geftman-Gold.

CNN executives need to remind their reporters that family members who have mislaid desired ones are suffering. Many have died, and many of those bleeding are in vicious condition and fighting for their lives. The Las Vegas medical complement is being stressed to levels not seen before. Residents are in startle and despair.

Five hundred and twenty-seven people have been injured. Fifty-nine people have died. Many are in vicious condition and fighting for their lives. Nevada hospitals have achieved over 100 surgeries.

Dear CNN, this is not a time to take pot shots during a boss or his supporters. Your Senior White House Correspondent should be transposed with a contributor who understands a earnest of this tragedy.

People are giveaway to have their possess opinion. However, Zeleny’s narrow-minded domestic views, can't be upheld as vicious tough news.

The CNN wire news channel spends an absorbent volume of time bashing President Trump. Talk uncover hosts like Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper, nightly march a row of articulate heads that take turns scornful any and all Donald Trump. The profusion of a hatred for Trump and his supporters have warranted a channel a repute of being #FakeNews.

Opinion by Laurel Fee
Edited by Jeanette Smith


Daily Caller: CNN Reporter: Country Music Fans Are Likely Trump Supporters

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