Coachella 2016 Best Celebrity Beauty Looks

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With this past weekend imprinting a initial central weekend of a annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, a favourite celebrities have strictly caused a beauty prodigy in Indio, California. As boiling temperatures inspire Hollywood’s excellent to desert their neat updos for wavy tresses, stars are utterly literally vouchsafing their hair down for Coachella. Meanwhile, makeup looks for a festival have stayed constant to Coachella’s laidback and independent stylish theme. Here’s a closer demeanour during a favourite luminary Coachella beauty statements so far.


Photo: kyliejenner on Instagram 

Kylie Jenner’s pastel-coloured locks: The 18-year-old existence star and socialite denounced flowing, watercolour-hued tresses during Coachella. Jenner’s thatch might have been really good been a proxy colour change in a form of a wig, though they were an eye-catching demeanour for a Coachella scene.


Photo: taylorswift on Instagram 

Taylor Swift’s frosty cropped cut and carmine lips: Meanwhile, a 26-year-old songstress stepped out with her brief blond thatch looking noticeably lighter. Swift denounced a cropped and gold blond hairdo, that was expertly interconnected with her signature red lipstick for a distinguished combination.


Photo: riawnacapri on Instagram

Emma Roberts’ pinkish simper and off-hand side braid: With her copper-coloured thatch ragged true and sleek, a 25-year-old singer looked facilely gorgeous. Roberts’ witty side plat brought a resisting outcome to her well-spoken split strands, while her girlish pinkish lipstick finished her au naturel makeup look.


Photo: vanessahudgens on Instagram 

Vanessa Hudgens’ issuing ebony waves and orchid hair accessory: Since a dark-haired bombshell is famous for her heading boho stylish beauty during Coachella, Hudgens’ latest demeanour was a ideal fit for a festival. The 27-year-old star wore her ebony thatch in saturated beach waves, with a dainty orchid placed behind her ear.