Code Afloat

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The Code Afloat Challenge from Digital Yacht is a foe for innovative formula writers from countries around a globe, that seeks to inspire and recognize ideas and applications that ‘change a game’ in a margin of sea navigation, communication, safety, control or entertainment. Applications and ideas will need to utilize Signal K, a new open source interfacing platform. You can find out some-more about Signal K at

Digital Yacht is a UK and US formed sea wiring manufacturer with a special and charitable seductiveness in a Signal K project. In 2016, they grown iKommunicate – a NMEA to Signal K gateway permitting any existent sea wiring complement to open adult to a universe of Signal K. It was combined following a successful, 5 x oversubscribed Kickstarter debate that shows a seductiveness in open source within a sea environment.

This means that 100000s of boats versed with normal NMEA formed sea electronic systems can now quit to this new height regulating a simple, low cost iKommunicate interface – though a need to buy new, costly sensors and transducers. iKommunicate creates it really easy to confederate tablets, smartphones, PCs and MACS to NMEA systems and we can find some-more minute information at

This foe is looking for game-changing and impactful ideas that have a intensity to change a approach we utilize systems aboard boats, ships and other sea assets. It could be a new visualization of instrumentation, amicable media integration, engine diagnostics, digital control, logging, charting, monitoring or confidence – though don’t let that be a defining boundary. Signal K creates sea focus growth easy with a plain text, JSON formed format. Want to squeeze vessel position, identity, breeze speed and abyss for your idea? It’s all easy with Signal K, only let your imagination take over.

The foe will be assessed by eccentric judges – reporters and experts who lead a attention in a US and Europe. A title esteem of $2500 for a app endowment “Change a Game” is accessible and a 2nd and 3rd esteem of $500 any for a best “Transform my boat” concept. Lots of vessel owners might have a good thought though don’t have coding skills to rise an app so this 2nd and 3rd esteem is for them, to come adult with a judgment that can afterwards be taken brazen by veteran programmers.

All apps will be judged on innovation, unsentimental doing and value. We would acquire “Open Source” web apps, that advantage a Signal K community, though we are also happy for mobile apps to sojourn a skill of a strange developer so they can advantage from any destiny income tide too. The idea of this foe is to boost a use of Signal K information on all apps, open or sealed source and give boaters some-more functionality and choices.

Apps can be submitted for any height – iOS, Android, PC, MAC, LINUX, etc. and of march web server formula using on Raspberry Pi form hardware or HTML5 web apps using in a browser are also appropriate.

The foe starts on a 1st Jul and closes on a 31st Oct 2017, when all entries will be judged by an International group of judges, before a winners are announced during a finish of Nov 2017.


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