Coldplay’s India concert: How to ‘earn’ tickets, explained by Global Citizen charity

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The ubiquitous amicable movement height Global Citizen has been in a news a lot recently, one of a reasons being Chris Martin, a code envoy of a charity, had sparked rumors that his rope Coldplay would perform in India.

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Global Citizen reliable a gossip on 10 Sep 2016 that Coldplay will certainly be headlining a gift on unison in India, with Aamir Khan, AR Rahman, Farhan Akhtar in assemblage — and that Jay-Z competence make an appearance.

The tickets, primarily suspicion to be labelled during Rs 25,000 to 1 lakh can be warranted for giveaway according to a Global Citizen website and Vijay Nair, who heads a eventuality association Only Much Louder (OML).

Nair explained in fact how a complement would work around a array of tweets:

So how do we acquire your Coldplay unison ticket?

Global Citizen’s New York line-up, that includes a shred hosted by a really possess Priyanka Chopra, and artists like Rihanna, Metallica and Usher, is all set to take place on 24 Sep 2016. The ubiquitous admissions for these tickets too, were ‘earned’ by actions.

First, we need to pointer adult on a website and download a Global Citizen application. Once, we pointer up, we have to acquire ‘rewards’ with several actions.

For a New York festival on 24 September, news website Fox 5 had Madge Thomas from Global Citizens explain a procedure.  You need 26 “actions” to get in.”It’s by doing something that we can constraint and share on amicable media. For example, one of a actions this year is: take a print of a book that has altered your life and tell universe leaders because kids everywhere should review it,” pronounced Thomas. That movement will get we 5 points. These actions destined towards people in energy do have absolute effects. According to a same news report, these tweets done a Prime Minister of Norway come to a 2015 festival.

Then according to a FAQ territory of a website, here’s how people in New York went about earning their tickets:

How do users win tickets by their participation?
Users win tickets to a festival by holding movement to finish impassioned poverty. You can select from a operation of actions that acquire we points. Once we acquire 25 points from festival actions, we can enter a pull for festival tickets. Every dual weeks we will announce sheet winners and launch a new debate with a opposite plea for tellurian adults to solve.

Do we have to register on tellurian citizen in sequence to start earning points?
Yes, we have to register on in sequence to start earning points?

How does a user enter a lottery and when will they find out if they’ve won?
To enter a lottery for Festival tickets, users contingency take adequate actions to acquire 28 points, and afterwards redeem them on a festival page for an entrance into a draw. Winners will be sensitive around email when a pull is made.

Can we use my existent points to enter into a festival draw?
No. Only points warranted by festival actions will be authorised for tickets. If we use existent points warranted from prior movement holding your entrance will not be eligible. Make certain we finish festival actions and acquire a required festival points to enter a draw.

What if we do not have a Twitter account? How do we take a chatter actions?
You will have to set adult a chatter comment in sequence to take a chatter actions.

How do we take a call action?
You will have to take a call movement from your dungeon phone. To do this, you’ll need to login to on your phone and take a movement from there.

What if a voice mailbox is full? Do we have to take a movement again?
Yes! You will not get points for a movement until it is complete.

How do we lane a actions people take, generally actions such as job a representative? How do we know someone has indeed placed a call?
The actions are tracked by a Global Citizen online height and mobile app. Once a member takes an action, for instance signing a petition, a points are purebred to their Global Citizen profile. Through a mobile app, we are means to track, with a same technology, when a member creates a call to their representative’s office.