Columbus: 10 years a lab

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In 1492 Columbus sailed a sea blue… In 2008 another Columbus sailed into space.

Setting sail

Next month, Europe’s Columbus laboratory achieves 10 years in orbit. Circling a world during 28 800 km/h, this component of a International Space Station combined space story as a initial European procedure dedicated to long-term investigate in weightlessness.

Throughout this year, we will be celebrating a many successes as a conspicuous multi-user examination facility.

A past full of planning

Like a transatlantic voyages that Christopher Columbus done half a millennium ago, a Columbus procedure was meticulously planned, budgeted, scrapped and redesigned before removing a central blessing to build, boat and launch.

The laboratory ascended to circuit aboard Space Shuttle Atlantis from a Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA on 7 Feb 2008. Nestling in a spaceplane’s load bay, Columbus was accompanied by a seven-man crew.

Lifting Columbus out of Atlantis’ cargo bay

On 11 February, a organisation on a International Space Station prisoner a new arrival. At that moment, Columbus became Europe’s initial permanent tellurian outpost in circuit and Europe became a full partner of a International Space Station.

A decade of systematic research

Columbus houses as many disciplines as probable in a tiny volume, from astrobiology to solar scholarship by metallurgy and psychology – some-more than 225 experiments have been carried out during this conspicuous decade. Countless papers have been published sketch conclusions from experiments achieved in Columbus.

Full Station

To symbol a useful occasion, a incomparable Columbus family of planners, builders, scientists, support teams and astronauts will accumulate to applaud a lab during ESA’s technical heart in a Netherlands on 7 February. More to come on this eventuality shortly …

Source: ESA



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