Congress alleges quid pro quo in MoU between Raje govt and Lalit Modi

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New Delhi: Mounting vigour for abdication of Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, Congress on Friday purported a “quid pro quo” in a MoU between her supervision and sinister former IPL trainer Lalit Modi for environment adult a cancer sanatorium in Jaipur.

Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje with Lalit Modi. PTIRajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje with Lalit Modi. PTI

Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje with Lalit Modi. PTI

Congress also deserted any “links” between Lalit Modi and a Gandhi family after BJP done a claim seizing on a twitter by a former IPL Commissioner that he had “run into” Priyanka Gandhi and Robert Vadra in a London restaurant. It termed ‘Lalitgate’ as an index of “Gujarat model” of Prime Minister Narendra Modi,

Alleging that Lalit Modi was operative during a insistence of BJP to obstruct courtesy to “non-issues”, a celebration expelled a duplicate of a MoU between Rajasthan supervision and Lalit Modi in Oct per a cancer hospital, observant it’s a box of open income being “sloshed for associate gratification” in a ‘quid pro quo’.

Facing Opposition feverishness over assistance extended by Raje and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to Lalit Modi per his transport papers in a UK, BJP latched on to his twitter and purported links between him and a Gandhi family.

Rejecting a allegation, Congress arch orator Randip Surjewala said, “Looking into any other is conjunction crude nor a crime by any strength of imagination. There was no amicable communication of any inlet between Lalit Modi and Robert Vadra or Priyanka Gandhi.”

He pronounced that instead of “diverting attention”, let a supervision answer a “pointed questions on crime and quid pro quo of a help” given by a Union Minister and a Chief Minister to a “fugitive” of Indian law, who is named in crimes committed underneath FEMA, IPC.

Senior personality and celebration orator CP Joshi wondered what is there to explain when Lalit Modi had himself pronounced that he had run into Robert and Priyanka.

“This is not allegation. You are holding deduction out it. What is to explain when Lalit Modi has already clarified?. It is a coincidence. What can anybody do if some one appears before some one in a restaurant?” Joshi said.

When pulpy further, he pronounced who is he to give a purify letter to anybody when a matter of Lalit is itself sufficient.

“Did Priyanka go to accommodate him. He had run into them,” Joshi pronounced reiterating a direct for abdication of Swaraj and Raje over a Lalit Modi row.

Alleging that all a norms were flouted in a MoU sealed between Medical Education Department of Rajasthan and Champalimaud Foundation of Portugal, on Oct 2 final year for substantiating a centre of value in Jaipur for cancer care, Joshi pronounced one is bewildered during a “magnitude of quid pro quo that is removing unearthed each day between Raje and a refugee associate of BJP, Lalit Modi.”

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He pronounced after a confirmation by her in foster of Lalit to stay in UK divided from a strech of Indian authorities and law, it is now apparent that she “blatantly violated” a Government Financial Rules (GFR), Codal Formalities and all laid down procedures of financial, tendering and executive appropriateness to assistance a Portuguese medical trickery that was treating Lalit Modi’s wife.

“This is even some-more glaringly collusive when noticed in light of a fact that Raje had accompanied Meenal Modi, mother of Lalit Modi, to a same Champalimaud Foundation twice in 2012 and 2013,” he said.

The Congress personality pronounced that notwithstanding “murky deals, associate favours and quid pro quo” surfacing, a “BJP chooses to shamelessly urge her and Prime Minister Narendra Modi maintains a conspiratorial silence”.

The MoU does not demeanour like an agreement of equals rather it is a “quid pro quo and a foster done”. “The dots in this understanding are really easy to bond and settle not usually impropriety though a transparent box of crime in that income of a open exchequer is being sloshed for associate gratification,” he said.

Calling it a “sweet deal”, Joshi pronounced that underneath it, 8.7 acres of primary land value hundred of crores in Jaipur were given to a Champalimaud Foundation and a supervision was temperament a whole cost of polite construction of a plan besides temperament a whole cost of appurtenance and apparatus indispensable during a Foundation.

“While on a one hand, in a plan involving value and ordering of open resources value hundreds of crores, no tendering/bidding mandate have been met, on a other hand, it has also been ensured that a customer substructure does not deposit a singular paisa into a project.

“To tip it all, a pronounced Centre, once it comes adult shall not be owned and governed by a Government of Rajasthan though by a Society that will have member of a Champalimaud Foundation. This multitude will not be subjected to any Government process/ procedure,” Joshi said.

He pronounced BJP’s code of ‘patriotism’ and ‘nationalism’ emanates from assisting black-money hoarders, money-launderers and Indian fugitives of a ilk of Lalit Modi.

“Gujarat model’s new form has come. You see how a elder Modi is assisting a younger Modi. The MoU by Raje is another form of a Gujarat indication of quid pro quo,” he said.