Connecticut Attempted Murder Suspect Arrested in Maine

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Rafael Santiago-Salazar, age 19, was arrested, in Maine, on Oct. 25, 2017, for an attempted murder committed on Jan. 19, in Winchester, Connecticut.

Santiago-Salazar was hold in a Washington County Jail in Machias, Maine. Then he was taken to a state military fort in Litchfield where he was charged with attempted murder, first-degree wrong restraint, assault, forward endangerment and melancholy with a gun.

He was scheduled to seem in Torrington Superior Court, in Connecticut Thursday afternoon. He is being hold on $1 million bail.

The think allegedly shot a plant in a chest in Winchester on Jan. 19. The gun-shot plant was airlifted to St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center. The plant survived, however, there is no other information available.

Once detectives suspected Santiago-Salazar they detected he had fled a state of Connecticut. The performed a aver and found him in Maine, according to Connecticut State Police.

Written by Jeanette Smith


Hartford Courant: State Police: Attempted Murder Suspect Found In Maine

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