Connie Foust Proven and Trusted for Assemblyperson District 19

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Connie Foust’s lifestyle has been concerned activism and domestic activities in Nevada for many years. The subsequent stage on a ladder of passion for her state is to turn Assemblyperson of District 19. As a mom of 4 and a grandmother to nine, she wants to be means to tell her family that she did all she could to make their state and nation improved for them. A new check showed that electorate are sleepy of damaged promises. Foust wants to infer her joining with some-more than only her voice. This will be achieved by her votes in a caucus. She intends to benefit Nevada’s trust by voting on her word.

The adults of Nevada occupy and compensate Assemblymen. Campaigning is a commencement of a talk process, that is identical to a pre-employment discussion.

Foust believes in a smaller and some-more fit government. She contends people should be authorised some-more freedoms and that electorate should have a voice, that is not only heard, though heeded.

Foust’s life and work practice infer that she is a infallible woman. She has hold venerable positions with a Army and a FBI. Below is a list of a candidate’s practice as a personality and tough workman who perseveres.

Connie Foust’s Experience:

  • She is a Sentinel, for a Heritage Foundation for Nevada’s Congressional District 4, following a bills and voting record of Nev. Congressman, Crescent Hardy (R).
  • To run for Assembly District 19, she quiescent as boss of a Virgin Valley Tea Party, where she has been a member given a inception.
  • Working as an online columnist for a Mesquite Local News she is educating a open about a Tea Party Movement.
  • While she resided in Montana, she worked with her legislator, J.D. Lynch (D), and had dual bills upheld that benefited disabled children and adults.
  • Appointed to Governor’s Council for (on) Developmental Disabilities, by afterwards Gov. Thomas Judge
  • As a tutor during Fort Huachuca, Arizona, for Army Intelligence, she prepared new recruits about a Afghan and Iraqi cultures, before soldiers were shipped out to a Middle East.
  • During a Carter Administration, she owned and operated a crew agency.
  • She was a executive of volunteers during St. Patrick’s Hospital in Missoula, Montana.
  • Until a final housing crisis, she had a career in genuine estate.
  • For many years, she worked during a Missoula County Sheriff’s Department and afterwards a Missoula Police Department. Additionally, she was Certified by a FBI to entrance a National Crime Information Center.
  • Foust has been active in a transformation to secure a Arizona border. As an activist, her activities to secure a limit and her believe of limit issues gained her notoriety. She has been a guest on Good Morning AmericaFox and Friends, the Laura Ingraham Show, and a Tony Snow Radio Show.
  • She was given a payoff of escorting Sean Hannity on his initial outing to a Arizona/Mexico limit in 2005.
  • Foust is a published writer. Her final article, concerning limit issues, was published in a Mexico City magazine.
  • As a grandmother and co-founder of a “Granny Brigade,” she sat with others on a limit to assistance forestall bootleg limit crossings from south of Arizona. They were also accessible to assistance save a lives of immigrants. Several immigrants had been left behind by their groups and were mislaid in a desert. The Granny Brigade took caring of them.
  • She is a member of a NRA and states that she is a clever believer of a Second Amendment.

Connie Foust promises to listen to a issues that matter to her voters and respond to those concerns in a timely manner. She wants to paint a adults of Nevada and their values. Since, Foust has already proven she can be trusted, as Assemblyperson for District 19, she will do what needs to be done.

A guarantee done is a guarantee kept! – Connie Foust, Assemblyperson for District 19, a principled, Constitutional Conservative.

By comparison, Assemblyperson Chris Edwards has knowledge in vital planning. He has also been active in a Navy given 1987, both as active troops and a reservist still today. He can change a budget, and has seen a supervision bill out of control.

Edwards is dependent with a Knights of Columbus, Veterans of Foreign Affairs, The Military Officers Association, and a National Rifle Association. He has sat on a following event committees, a Education Committee, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Mining, and Ways and Means. He has also been on a Interim Finance Committee.

According to a Nevada Policy Research Institute, Assemblyperson Edwards was on a blockade concerning Governor Sandoval’s taxation hike. Although, he states that he would be opposite any taxation imposed on pursuit creators.

Foust’s training and confidence clearances with a Army and a FBI. Foust has proven that she can be devoted to accommodate a mandate to be Assemblyperson of District 19. Assemblyperson Edwards might have a opposite ability set, though his strech is singular compared to Foust’s arguable record.

Opinion by Jeanette Smith
Edited by Cathy Milne


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