Copper Price Forecast 2016: Producers Under Pressure

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Copper Price Forecast 2016: Producers Under Pressure

Copper Price Forecast 2016: Producers Under Pressure

At a finish of 2014, analysts were not awaiting many from copper prices.

Many were suggesting that a turnaround was a few years down a road, and Stefan Ioannou of Haywood Securities likely that things could get a bit worse — he said copper could very simply drop subsequent $3 per bruise for “some duration of time” in 2015.

That copper cost forecast certainly rang true. Copper prices did indeed stay below $3 for many of 2015, and even threatened to drop subsequent $2 at one point. Overall, mark copper prices are down 28 percent so distant in 2015, now trade during $2.11 per pound.

This draft from Kitco provides a helpful visual of how copper prices have achieved this year:

Copper cost draft pleasantness of Kitco

A tough year for metals in 2015

A stronger US dollar and slower-than-expected expansion in China have weighed on copper prices in 2015, though for many investors, a border of a change downward still came as a surprise. “I consider apparently we entered a year awaiting it to be a comparatively prosaic to weaker year, but most investors were astounded to see a copper cost trip as low as $2 by a latter half of a year,” Ioannou pronounced in review with a Investing News Network.

Beyond that, a broader subjection in line prices has led to weaker financier view in a altogether metals space. Ioannou concluded that this overall change in view has had an impact on copper.

The altogether view opposite a line space in ubiquitous had an impact on copper investments as well,” he said. “An normal sell financier looking to invest is saying a lot of disastrous headlines for line in general, and copper is one of a categorical ones. It’s unequivocally taken a gleam off investing in apparatus stocks, let alone copper-specific stocks,” he said. 

Copper prolongation underneath vigour in 2016

Ioannou also forked out that with copper during $2, roughly 20 percent of a world’s prolongation is not mercantile on a C1-cash-cost basis. Producers have been means to hang on so far, though if low prices persist, there could be serve prolongation curtailments and cave shutdowns down a road. “Hopefully that will be a matter that will assistance prices pierce aloft over a middle term,” Ioannou said.

There have already been cutbacks in a zinc space, with Glencore (LSE:GLEN) curtailing productionand Nyrstar (EBR:RYR) putting a Middle Tennessee mines on caring and maintenance. “The theatre is set for copper to follow suit,” Ioannou said. To be sure, Glencore has also announced cuts to a copper production, while Freeport-McMoRan (NYSE:FCX) is formulation to cut a copper outlay by 250 million pounds subsequent year.

Going into 2016, Ioannou settled that he expects prices to assuage around a levels they’re now at, with things not looking adult until a middle to longer term. However, he suggested gripping an eye out for 2015 year-end financials from copper companies as they start to come out subsequent year.

“There’s a lot of regard right now that within the producer space there are change sheet issues,” he said. “It’s a bit of a black box right now, though once we get a year-end financials … with that we’ll have a many improved thought about how a initial partial of 2016 is moulding adult with regards to copper price. we consider you’re going to see a lot of guys start to possibly see a light at the finish of a hovel or strike a panic button.”

Interestingly, Ioannou also suggested examination out for wildcards on the scrutiny side. “A high-grade find in any of a metals could unequivocally hint a turnaround in a apparatus industry. We’ve seen it occur in a past. It would have to be a world-class, high-grade discovery, though that’s arrange of always a wildcard that’s sitting in a background,” he said.

Copper companies to watch in 2016

Certainly, it’s a tough time to be investing in metals. Ioannou said that it might even be value watchful for a decisive certain pierce in copper prices before investing in a space.

Still, for those who wish to get into copper now, he suggested looking during companies with determined prolongation profiles and clever change sheets that are handling good notwithstanding a stream market. “Some that yield some reserve during stream levels would be Lundin Mining (TSX:LUN), Hudbay Minerals (TSX:HBM) and Nevsun Resources (TSX:NSU),” he said.

On a youth side of things, Ioannou didn’t discuss any companies specifically, though did note that there are juniors that have managed to pointer corner try agreements with vital mining companies. “These are juniors that are still going to have scrutiny formula entrance out,” he said. “It’s not entrance out of their possess pocket. And those would be a ones to watch, since there’s not as many regard about them using out of income to have suggestive enrichment on their projects.”

That thought positively appears to line adult with what investors are thinking. Taking a demeanour during some of the top-performing copper companies on a TSX Venture this year, all have vast partners for their projects. For example, Arena Minerals (TSXV:AN) has a US$16-million choice agreement with Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National for a Atacama copper project, while Quaterra Resources(TSXV:QTA,OTCMKTS:QTRRF,FWB:QR2) is partnered with Freeport-McMoRan Nevada for a series of copper deposits in Yerington, Nevada.



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