Cops Quite Literally Enter The Line Of Fire To Save Two Teens From A Burning Car

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One of a many common calls military respond to are automobile accidents.

Nicholas Schlei and Nicholas Reid responded to a call that dual teenagers had crashed into a application pole, though when they arrived on a scene, they got some-more than they were negotiate for. The men, famous as a “Nick Squad,” saw that a automobile was on fire, and a abandon were too vast to put out themselves with an extinguisher. That’s when they did a bravest thing possible, entering a verbatim line of glow to save a dual teenagers trapped inside.

Body camera footage prisoner a whole thespian rescue on video, and we can watch a drastic impulse below.

The officers contend they were only doing their jobs, though they’re (rightfully) being respected for their aplomb in a face of danger. Thank integrity they were there to get those teenagers to safety.