Copy Alicia Vikander’s Chic Waves And Wine Red Lips From “The Danish Girl”

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Photo: YouTube

In a new biographical play film The Danish Girl (which strictly opens in theatres today), Alicia Vikander stars as artist Gerda Wegener. She plays a mother of a associate artist (Eddie Redmayne) who is a initial ever target of sex reassignment medicine in Copenhagen in a 1920s. While we’re positively intrigued by her clever starring role, we’re also coveting a 27-year-old Swedish actress’ selected desirous blonde curls and moist red lips. If you’re aiming to take cues from decades of a past for your holiday beauty statement, here’s how to duplicate Gerda’s pleasing demeanour this season.


To grasp Gerda’s scrupulous pin curls and take a outing behind to a Roaring Twenties, start off with purify and straightened thatch with a pointy centre part. Once you’ve combed out your locks, kindly character your hair into a half-up and half-down braid and shave your thatch behind with a hairstyling clip. Next, order a hair that is unresolved lax into dual low pigtails. Apply a styling mist to your pigtailed locks, and use a curling wand to move slight curls to both of a ponytailed sections. Continue to order and apart a sections, and afterwards twist your bangs (or a thinner territory of hair nearby a forehead) to supplement texture. Once you’ve twisted a other sections, hurl them inwards and secure them in place with constable pins. Repeat a routine for your whole head, and solemnly remove a pins to exhibit buoyant curls. Use your fingers to brush by a styled tresses for a spirit of volume, and afterwards brush by your thatch for a healthy effect. Next, adjust your flawless shade summons waves with a wide-toothed brush and secure longer hair into a hair tangle for a 1920s desirous vibe. Hold your braid in place with a finishing mist to close in your new locks, and truly channel selected elegance.


1) Achieve a demeanour of a flawless mettle with middle coverage glass substructure and cream-based concealer.

2) Next, outline your eyes with dim brownish-red eye pencil and supplement a double cloak of black mascara to your twisted eyelashes.

3) For a finishing touch, carve pleasing and delicate cheekbones with a spirit of flushed powder brush and a kabuki brush.

4) Add a cloak of booze red lipstick for a charming nonetheless superb demeanour desirous by Vikander’s on-screen beauty statement.