Copy Léa Seydoux’s Retro Curls And Red Lips From “Spectre”

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With her new purpose as a beautiful Madeleine Swann, Léa Seydoux graces a china shade in a new James Bond film Spectre. The 30-year-old French beauty plays a charming clergyman in a movie, and stuns on shade with her cropped blonde curls and shining red lips. If you’re aiming for an superb dusk demeanour this autumn, here’s how to duplicate Seydoux’s beautiful braid and classical makeup.


To grasp 1940s character curls, start off by formulating a pointy side partial and dividing your dry, tangle-free tresses into far-reaching sections. Secure your sectioned thatch into place with hairstyling clips. Next, spritz one territory of hair with a styling mist and afterwards use a one in. curling iron to emanate saturated curls. Repeat a routine for any territory of hair, and afterwards use a wide-tooth brush to delicately alleviate a demeanour of your new hairdo. Once you’ve crafted your look, use a finishing mist to reason your pointed wavy tresses in place all night long.


1) Create a flawless nonetheless healthy mettle by requesting light coverage glass substructure to your visage.

2) Next, use a brownish-red eyebrow pencil (if needed) to subtly conclude your arches for a delicate look.

3) Outline your eyes with light brownish-red eye pencil, and twist your lashes for a sweet, doe-eyed effect. Finish off your eye makeup with dim brownish-red mascara to stress your lashes.

4) For a hold of matter colour, use a low red mouth ship to raise your simper and finish your beauty with relating lipstick to showcase your moist Bond girl-worthy lips.

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