Copy Lucy Hale’s Red Crochet Dress From “Truth or Dare”

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Photos: YouTube

In a new fear thriller Truth or Dare, singer Lucy Hale creates a starring coming as Olivia, a immature lady who joins her friends for a clearly harmless diversion of Truth or Dare. However, this journey turns out to be distant some-more than only fun and games, and leads to a terrifying result. Despite a approaching hazard unresolved over her character’s head, Hale’s impression boasts stylish nonetheless understated lady subsequent doorway style. We are quite coveting this small red dress, that facilities skinny spaghetti straps and a ethereal crochet bodice. If we are aiming to channel your middle Lucy Hale this spring, here’s how to get her Truth or Dare character for yourself.  


Smell The Roses Red Brunch Dress, $103: This flirty red delegate creates a matter with a scalloped fact around a neckline, along with a lace-trimmed hemline. For anyone who wants to constraint Spring 2018’s independent stylish aesthetic, this square only competence fit into your habit for a season.

Bobi Fishnet Lace Dress, $117: We are fondness a punchy crimson red paint of this strappy edging dress, that facilities a low behind and a high neckline. Meanwhile, a flared and pleated dress adds a delicate finish.

Yumi Kim She’s Mine Lace Halter Dress, $267: With a low red colour, this mid-length dress by Yumi Dress is an eye-catching look. It facilities a strappy restraint neckline, all-over edging and a swain neckline. The delegate offers a formal, evening-ready take on a reigning trend of a untroubled crochet frock.