Copy Sophie Turner’s Stunning Side Braid As Sansa Stark On “Game of Thrones”

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Photo: IMDB 

With a Season 6 premiere of Game of Thrones airing tonight during 9 p.m. on HBO, we are strictly vehement for a lapse of a strike journey play series. While we can’t wait to finally learn what has happened to Jon Snow, we are also expecting another beautiful beauty demeanour from Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner). On tonight’s episode, Sansa creates a dash with her burning red thatch organised into a rambling side braid. If you’re looking to duplicate her giveaway plat during home, here’s how to channel your middle Sansa with an desirous look.

1) Start off by brushing out your thatch and relocating them to one side: For a flawless start, safeguard that your tresses are brushed out and giveaway of any tangles. Next, change all your hair over to one side.

2) Begin backcombing a territory of your hair: For a subsequent step, emanate pointed volume by backcombing a shred of your hair on a behind of your head.

3) Plait your hair into a lax side braid: Once you’ve brought a reason of volume to your locks, brush your tresses out again and apart your thatch into dual even sections. Twist a dual segments together in sequence to emanate a textured, wrapped effect. Next, plat these sections into a thick plat and reason your thatch in place with an effervescent band.

4) Use your fingers to disencumber a plaited segments: For a finishing touch, use your fingers to disencumber a braided sections and emanate a pancaked effect. Adjust any annoying flyaway strands, and suffer your new Sansa-esque plat for a loyal Game of Thrones feel.