Could we write for Hello World magazine?

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Thinking about New Year’s resolutions? Ditch a gym and tinge adult your author muscles instead, by essay an essay for Hello World magazine. We’ll assistance you, you’ll enhance your believe of a theme we caring about, and you’ll be contributing something of genuine value to a computing preparation community.

Join a pool of Hello World writers in 2018

The computing and digital creation repository for educators

Hello World is a giveaway computing repository for educators, published in partnership with Computing At School and pleasantly upheld by BT. We launched during a Bett Show in Jan 2017, and over a past twelve months, we’ve grown to a readership of 15000 subscribers. You can get your possess giveaway duplicate here.

Our work is postulated by smashing educational calm from around a universe in each issue. We’re hugely beholden to a stream pool of authors – keep it up, veterans of 2017! – and we wish to yield opportunities for new voices in a village to join them. You competence be a classroom clergyman pity your intrigue of work, a proffer reflecting on using an after-school club, an attention veteran pity your STEM expertise, or an educational providing insights into new investigate – we’d adore contributions from all kinds of people in all sorts of roles.

Your essay doesn’t have to be finished and complete: if we send us an outline, we will work with we to rise it into a full piece.

Like my desk, though tidier

Five reasons to write for Hello World

Here are 5 reasons because essay for Hello World is a good approach to start 2018:

1. You’ll learn something new

Researching an essay is one of a best ways to enlarge your believe about something that interests you.

2. You’ll consider some-more clearly

Notes in hand, we lay during your table and consternation how to qualification all this information into a awake square of writing. It’s a conditions we’re all informed with. Writing an essay creates we inspect and explain what we really consider about a subject.

Share your imagination and make more engaging projects along a way

3. You’ll make cold projects

Testing a plan for a Hello World apparatus is a ideal event to build something extraordinary that’s hitherto been sealed divided inside your brain.

4. You’ll be doing something that matters

Sharing your believe and knowledge in Hello World helps others to learn and learn computing. It helps move a energy of digital creation to some-more and some-more educators and learners.

5. You’ll share with an open and understanding community

The computing preparation village is full of people who lend their knowledge to assistance colleagues. Contributing to Hello World is a good approach to take an active partial in this understanding community, and you’ll be adding to a physique of free, open source training resources that are accessible for everybody to use, adapt, and share. It’s also a extensive height to promote your work: a digital chronicle alone of Hello World has been downloaded over 50000 times.

Yes! What do we do next?

Feeling inspired? Email a editorial team with your idea.

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