CoverGirl and Max Factor Release Star Wars Beauty Collections

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Photo: covergirl on Instagram

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens strictly expelled in theatres tomorrow, beauty addicts are removing into a suggestion of a sci fi franchise. For those looking to channel their middle Princess Leia, CoverGirl has denounced a Star Wars desirous collection of makeup and spike polish.


Photo: covergirl on Instagram

The singular book line initial strike a shelves in September, and includes both a “Dark Side” and a “Light Side” collection. It includes 6 shades of lipstick, spike lacquer with a gel-like finish and a operation of mascaras that explain to offer “400% some-more corner-to-corner volume”.

On their central Instagram account, CoverGirl common a series of snapshots of a new themed beauty line (which was grown in partnership with British luminary makeup artist Pat McGrath).


Photo: covergirl on Instagram 

Getting prepared to incite a force this season, Max Factor also partnered with McGrath to betray a new Star Wars makeup line for British drugstore sequence Boots.


Photo: maxfactor on Instagram 

The Max Factor looks displayed on a brand’s Instagram comment underline irritable nonetheless glamorous beauty statements desirous by characters like Stormtroopers, a Jedi and C3PO. Meanwhile, a singular book operation of products embody mascara and an eye-catching bullion lipstick.


Photo: maxfactor on Instagram

For makeup addicts who have been failing for a recover of a seventh Star Wars film, it might be inestimable to step out with a extreme lead simper or musty black eyeliner. While we might not be means to fit a lightsaber into your makeup bag, it looks like we can now take a travel on a Dark Side and recover your middle Star Wars femme fatale!