Create A Low Bun Hairstyle With These Easy Steps

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While a season’s long, wavy tresses are an fragile sight, issuing thatch ragged unresolved down a behind aren’t always a unsentimental resolution for humid, breathless summer days. As we spin on a atmosphere conditioning and settle onto a patios, Summer 2015’s chic, fuss-free low bun is a ideal hairstyle. If you’re coveting a classical low updos on a runway during Nina Ricci, here’s how to emanate a identical braid only in time for warmer days.

1) Start off with smooth, blow-dried locks: Well-behaved strands will be some-more expected to co-operate and stay in place in your newly combined chignon. To start your hairdo on a right note, use a blow dry cream as we dry your creatively cleared thatch and character your hair regulating a turn brush.

2) Use jelly to say your strands: Apply a handful of styling jelly to say a sleek, slicked behind look. For longer or thicker tresses, use somewhat some-more jelly to keep your hair in place.

3) Pull your tresses behind kindly into a low ponytail: If we have rebellious, frizzy strands during this stage, we can also keep them underneath control with a spirit of styling cream. Next, secure your prolonged thatch in a long, well-spoken ponytail during a bottom of a neck. If we like, leave a few strands of hair descending giveaway on possibly side of a face for a laidback, natural-looking finish.

4) Straighten your hair for a neat appearance: Use a prosaic iron to well-spoken your ponytailed thatch if your hair has a slight wavy or curly texture.

5) Roll a ponytail into a elementary chignon hairstyle at the nape of a neck: After holding your ponytail in place with a hair elastic, turn your thatch together and afterwards hurl a length of your hair into a chignon shape. Use constable pins to reason a chignon in place, and spritz on strong-hold mist to say thick or longer thatch in a hairstyle.