Creed 2 Lands A Director And A Release Date

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Creed was a warn strike in 2015, and helped reanimate a Rocky franchise. Now after several delays it looks like a film’s supplement is about to start production.

For a final several weeks it had been rumoured that Rocky creator and star Sylvester Stallone would take over his authorization once some-more and lay in a director’s chair, though now we know that’s not a case. Steven Caple Jr. (The Land) has sealed on to take assign of a arriving sequel, and it will be his initial vital underline film. Stallone will still be co-starring, reprising his Golden Globe winning and Oscar nominated purpose of Rocky Balboa, with Michael B. Jordan returning to once again play Adonis Johnson. Stallone also co-wrote a book with Cheo Hodari Coker of Luke Cage fame. 

Rumour has it that both Stallone and Jordan had a palm in picking Caple Jr. to direct, after assembly with a studio. Production is set to start in March, and really small sum have emerged as to what a story will be about. The final we heard, a story would follow Adonis as he struggles with celebrity and attempts to turn a champion. Dolph Lundgren was rumoured to also be returning to play Ivan Drago, final seen in Rocky IV, to conduct his son as a intensity competition of Adonis. Whether this is loyal or not stays to be seen. 

Creed 2 is set to strike theatres on Nov 21st, 2018.