Creepy Video From ‘Hacktivist’ Anonymous Claims To Explain The Coming Of WWIII

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Many people have been joking newly that we’re on a verge of World War III, though according to a hacker organisation called Anonymous, it’s about to happen.

Donning their signature Guy Fawkes facade and robotic voice in one of their latest videos, they advise a open that we need to get prepared for a subsequent universe war, since a quick and “globally devastating” chief conflict is imminent. Whether this is loyal or not is unequivocally adult for speculation, though possibly way, their summary is positively chilling.

Watch as they explain because they’re assured that countries around a universe are strategically scheming for war, and that “the adults will be a final to know.” There’s zero that isn’t creepy about it.


(via Anonymous)

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While I’m doubtful of a correctness of their claims, it unequivocally freaks me out to cruise that any of what they’re observant competence indeed happen. Share if you’re some-more than a small disturbed about what stream events might meant for the future.