Cubimorph – A Modular Interactive Device

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Cubimorph is done adult of a array of little cubes any one contains 6 little touchscreens that can be organised into a incomparable whole. This concept device is being grown by a group that includes Google and 4 British universities.


Cubimorph is an interactive device done of a sequence of reconfigurable modules that shape-shifts into any figure that can be done out of a sequence of cubes, such as transforming from a mobile phone to a diversion console. (credit: Anne Roudaut et al./Proceedings of a ICRA 2016)

When we need a phone, it competence simply arrange itself into a rectangle. If we wish to launch a game, it could renovate itself into something that looks like a console.

The investigate group has grown 3 prototypes demonstrating pivotal aspects – turntable hinges, embedded touchscreens, and miniaturization.