Curbing coffee crater usage

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The use of disposable coffee cups could be reduced by 50 – 300 million annually according to investigate announced currently by heading coffee spit Bewley’s.

An estimated 2.5bn disposable coffee cups are used in a UK any year, formulating approximately 25,000 tonnes of waste.

The research, conducted from Sep to Dec 2016 by Cardiff University on interest of Bewley’s tested a operation of measures that could inspire a use of re-usable coffee cups.

The investigate found that financial incentives, re-usable alternatives, and transparent messaging reminding business of a environmental impact of singular use coffee cups all had a approach impact on consumer behaviour.

The investigate found that a assign on disposable cups increasing a use of re-usable coffee cups by 3.4%, environmental messaging in cafes increasing a use of re-usable coffee cups by 2.3%, a accessibility of re-usable cups led to an boost of 2.5%, and a placement of giveaway re-usable cups led to a serve boost of 4.3 %.

Commenting on a results, author of a news Professor Wouter Poortinga, from a Welsh School of Architecture, said: “While a increases for particular measures were modest, a biggest behavioural change was when a measures were combined”.

300 million coffee cups

The investigate found that a sustenance of giveaway re-usable alternatives total with transparent environmental messaging and a assign on disposable cups increasing a use of reusable cups from 5.1% to 17.4%.

“Our formula uncover that, on average, a use of reusable coffee cups could be increasing by adult to 12.5% with a multiple of measures. With this in mind, a UK’s use of an estimated 2.5bn disposable coffee cups any year could be cut by adult to 300 million coffee cups,” Professor Poortinga continued.

The many critical anticipating was that, while a assign on disposable cups increasing a use of re-usable coffee cups, a bonus on re-usable coffee cups had no impact on their usage.

Professor Poortinga said: “There is an critical shade when it comes to financial incentives…”

As one of a largest foodservice coffee business in a UK Ireland, Bewley’s has been operative with attention partners on a sustainability of coffee cups for some time. Louise Whitaker, Head of Marketing during Bewley’s UK, said: “There is a outrageous volume of rubbish being sent to landfill any year and compelling reusable cups is partial of a solution”.

While it might be formidable to convince business to change a approach they splash their daily crater of coffee or tea, companies have a shortcoming to play their partial in elucidate a coffee crater rubbish problem.

Louise Whitaker of Bewley’s continued: “As a association we are committed to operative with a crater providers and business to yield a resolution to a problem…”

Source: Cardiff University

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