Custom-Fit Wireless Earphones

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Revols is a bluetooth earphones with tips that mold to a singular figure of your ears in 60 seconds.




  1. Black cosmetic face.
  2. Circular brushed steel badge.
  3. Black cosmetic body.
  4. Diamond cut chamfered steel edge.
  5. Silicone gel-filled frame tip.

They’re designed to mold to a singular grooves of your ears, sitting absolutely and never descending out.


The earphones are versed with 8 hours of arguable playtime. With additional Revols Revive battery pack extender that  clips on to a behind of a earphone wire, we will get additional 6 hours of listening.


The earphones concede we to assign it while listening. Simply shave a charging handle on a behind of a earphone handle and block a usb into your mechanism or a charging outlet.


It also facilities an adjustable soundscape. The mics mounted on any ear will concede we to control a volume of surrounding sound played behind over your music. With this feature, not usually will we hear outmost noise, though you’ll also know accurately that instruction it’s entrance from.

Reasons because you’d wish to change a frame tips:

  • Change tip distance (every span comes with additional tips in an swap size)
  • Share your earphones with a friend
  • Have a apart span for a apart purpose (ex: operative out)


Also we can customize how we wear a joining handle with a Revols Rotating Bezel. You can have it when it hangs or when it hooks, or a small bit of both.


Left: 6 o’clock position – Right: 10 o’clock position

Additional Features


The plan debate is on the Kickstarter and already has raised $100,000 to start mass production. Early bird prices are gone, though backers can get one with a oath of $199. Shipping is estimated to start in Jul of 2016.


Source: Kickstarter