Data Proves The Death Of Paper Gold And Silver

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Data Proves The Death Of Paper Gold And Silver

Data Proves The Death Of Paper Gold And Silver

The genocide of paper bullion and china has arrived, however a open doesn’t comprehend it yet.  They will, it’s usually a matter of time now.  This is like a bad slob whose diet of McFats, Done-Kin Doughnuts and Cancerette smokes, is usually one heart-attack divided from being six-feet under.  The paper changed steel marketplace is also one critical fiat financial conflict divided from certain death.

I contend this with some self-assurance as a information already proves it.  Of course, there will always be a certain series of analysts and people who trust a Fed and Central Banks will be means to continue propping adult a marketplace until they retire and are personification golf or shuffleboard while underneath a caring and upkeep of a dozen or some-more medication drugs.

Unfortunately, for these improvident individuals, they destroy to know how ENERGY plays a critical purpose in this rarely over-leveraged debt formed financial market.  If we mislay ENERGY from a equation, we would suppose a Fed and other assorted Central Banks could continue copy income and GDP expansion forever. This is a downside of specialization, generally in a researcher community.

Basically …. THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND… right over a cliff.

That being said, we am not going to concentration on appetite in this essay as we trust many readers’ eyes would glitter over.  we will leave a minute contention for another day.


Okay, removing behind to a Death of paper bullion and silver, if we demeanour during a change in paper bullion and china shopping from 2006-2015, we will notice an engaging trend.  Let’s demeanour during a debate justification presented in a following dual charts:



As we can see, something engaging happened with a net build of both Gold and Silver ETF’s after 2010.  Basically, there wasn’t any.  And if we demeanour during a bullion chart, it was indeed negative.

From 2006 to 2010, a Global Gold ETF’s gifted a net build of 61.4 million oz (Moz) contra 122.8 Moz of earthy bar and china demand.  In a china market, Global Silver ETF’s reported a build of 569.3 Moz compared to 528.9 Moz of Official Coin Bar direct during a same time period.

Now, let’s review that to a second five-year time duration after a changed metals prices appearance in 2011 and afterwards declined to a benefaction lows.

Not usually did direct for Global Gold ETF’s decrease 2011-2015 (2015 f = forecasted) compared to a prior 5 years, it went disastrous by 21.2 Moz.  This was in sheer contrariety to a outrageous boost in earthy bullion bar and china direct of 208.8 Moz during a same time period.

Furthermore, we see a same trend holding place in a china market.  Investors purchased a record 994.1 Moz of earthy china bar and china direct during a 2011-2015 time duration compared to a insignificant 18.2 Moz build in a universe Silver ETFs.

When we investigate a disproportion in paper bullion and china shopping contra earthy bar and china in a past 5 years… there’s usually no comparison.  Investors purchased record earthy bullion and china bar and china while staying divided from a paper ETF’s with a 10 feet pole.

I would suppose a knee-jerk greeting from a standard analyst, dug adult from a Main Stream Media cemetery, is that direct for Gold or Silver ETF’s declined due to a reduce price.  While this research creates usually as most clarity as observant 2 + 2 = 4, because did a reduce cost motivate record earthy changed steel buying?  Ask this Wall Street researcher this same question, and watch his eyes glitter over.

Come on now, investors purchased a overwhelming 208.8 Moz of earthy bullion and scarcely 1 billion oz of earthy china investment from 2011 to 2015 while direct for Global Gold and Silver ETF’s fell into a cesspool.

According to my analysis, this signifies a DEATH of PAPER Gold and Silver.  All we need now, is a good heart conflict to finally get a overweight, diseased and inherently diseased fiat financial complement to event and tumble into a gutter.

Lastly, we get a flog going around and reading some of a comments on a choice changed steel sites.  Seems as if some of these sites are now taken over by people who consider a supposed “Gold and Silver Bugs” have been hoodwinked by changed steel pumping charlatans.  Never a lifeless impulse nowadays.

These people are like a variable inlet of a public…. RIDING HIGH when times are GOOD and a initial ones to crucify those when TIMES are TOUGH.  Regardless, these individuals, like many of a analysts they follow, do not truly know a ENERGY DYNAMICS that are now destroying each aspect of this rarely leveraged debt-based financial economy.

While we could go on length as to because this is true, let’s usually say…. GOD HATH A SENSE OF HUMOR.



Courtesy: SRSroccoreport

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