DataApp: A Mobile App Framework for Field Data Capture – Stage 1

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Can we assistance us emanate a flexible, extensible, open source app for capturing margin data? Compete for $30,000 in prizes!

All questions, registrations, and central entries contingency be submitted around the InnoCentive website open on a date of launch.  See central rules, terms and conditions on InnoCentive website.

Data collection and constraint are elemental to H2O and environmental scholarship and management. Scientists, engineers, and technicians are increasingly regulating mobile inclination such as tablets and smartphones to constraint information in a field. Numerous apps are accessible to support ubiquitous information collection, however existent apps do not yield a functionality and coherence indispensable to support a extended operation of H2O and environmental monitoring needs. More importantly, these existent apps do not support a growth and pity of new facilities and functions by particular users and communities of practice.

The Bureau of Reclamation, in partnership with a U.S. Geological Survey, is seeking growth of an focus (app) horizon to support electronic information collection and constraint regulating mobile inclination opposite a different operation of information collection situations. The app horizon should be flexible, extensible, and open source to capacitate destiny alleviation and growth of combined facilities by a village of app developers and users.

This Ideation Challenge is a initial (Stage 1) of a designed three-stage Challenge. This Ideation theatre asks for ideas focusing on identifying strong and fit program design concepts and program technologies for growth of a preferred app framework.


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