Dating App Reveals America’s Most Hated Foods By State, And They’re Oddly Specific

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Most dating apps aim to span we with people who like a same things we do. That’s where this sold app differs from a rest.

Launched in February, Hater boasts itself as being “the initial dating app that matches people on a things they hate.” Like with Tinder, uses can appropriate to answer either they’re meddlesome in a vast accumulation of topics, though they have 4 directions instead of dual — down to hate, adult to love, left to dislike, and right to like.

Since it came out, Hater’s been means to use this information to emanate maps of what people opposite a U.S. hatred a most, including what we eat. Here are a 50 many hated dishes and drinks in any state, and they’re surprisingly specific.

1. Utah — Balsamic vinegar

Utah -- Balsamic vinegar


2. Colorado — Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Colorado -- Flamin' Hot Cheetos


3. Texas — Steak baked good done