Dave and Kortney Wilson On Their New Show “Masters of Flip”

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With their new restoration uncover Masters of Flip premiering tonight on W Network during 10 p.m. ET/PT, Dave and Kortney Wilson have brought their passion for flipping houses to a tiny screen. The Canadian integrate are former nation musicians, who live in Nashville, Tennessee with their 3 children. As partial of a series, Kortney handles interior design, while Dave is obliged for plan management. We chatted with a Wilsons about a hurdles of flipping 45 houses, operative as a father and mother group and staying artistic on a job.

Real Style: What can we tell us about your new existence series, Masters of Flip?

Dave: It’s a existence array about Kortney and we flipping 12 houses over 8 months. Each residence is an hour episode

Kortney: Basically, it follows us doing what we’ve finished over a final several years. Instead of a docu-series of us flipping houses, any partial is self-contained. We find it in a initial partial of a show, we reconstruct it and it even follows us with open houses, offered it, going over numbers. It’s zero new as distant as flipping is concerned, however a distinction unequivocally opposite as distant as Nashville. That’s what’s unequivocally unequivocally opposite from a other flipping shows. We occur to live in one of a hottest small communities in a country, in a United States. Dave and we unequivocally have an engaging dynamic, father and mother perplexing not to take a residence flipping….

Dave… jobs home with us.

Real Style: What were some of a hurdles of flipping so many houses on a show, in only a few years?

Kortney: I’d contend a biggest plea for us is indeed anticipating them, given over a final 3 or 4 years, Nashville has turn a unequivocally rival market. Actually being means to find dual or 3 houses to select from, for any episode, has been very, unequivocally difficult. Beyond that, we have a normal residence flipping woes, handling crews, picking out pattern elements, staying on bill and finishing it on time. It’s not like new builds, where we kind of know going in “Okay, this is a cost per block foot” to build a new house. It’s unequivocally different, in a approach that a lot of these houses are over 100 years old.


Real Style: What is your best recommendation for homeowners who are attempting a residence flipping plan this summer?

Kortney: Don’t flip with your husband!

Dave: Don’t flip with your wife! *laughs*

Kortney: Well, we would contend that one of a tips we have (and I’m indeed being serious) is to pierce out of a residence while you’re renovating it. When you’re flipping your possess house, it’s easier pronounced than finished to live among a dust. You need to kind of mislay yourself from a conditions any once in a while, generally if we have a family. we would contend unequivocally lay out a kitchen well, given a kitchen is substantially a hardest room to lay out and it’s a easiest thing to disaster up.

Dave: Mine would be to unequivocally do your investigate on who is going to be operative with you- what kind of organisation you’re going to have. Your ubiquitous contractor, we have to trust them and know that there are going to be surprises. Allow for that in your budget.

Real Style: Do we have any tips for homeowners who wish to flip their smaller spaces on a budget?

Kortney: we consider that for flipping a smaller space, when people are looking during smaller houses, they’re also looking during storage. They’re sacrificing block footage, though they still have stuff. Take that into consideration, and find unequivocally artistic ways (whether it’s open cabinetry, tip storages, even underneath a seat and beds) that will interest to a intensity destiny buyer, when we indeed go and flip a skill yourself to sell. So, there’s distinction there.

Real Style: What are a biggest differences between a dual of we in terms of design?

Kortney: Well, Dave doubts roughly all of my design! *laughs*

Dave: Yes, we do! Right to a end.

Kortney: Right until a end! He does not see by some of a things that we do. Sometimes, there are pattern elements that cost only a little bit some-more money. It’s easier to see if there are constructional issues- okay, we have to spend this, given we can't pass codes, we can't exam if a residence is structurally sound. It’s unequivocally tough for him to see if a pattern elements are cost effective, to even spend income on those elements. But during a finish of a day, that’s what a customer sees. They travel in, and that’s what they’re wowed by. We unequivocally have to be clever for a dual of us to not step on any other’s toes. There’s a lot of trust involved, generally him guileless me.

Dave: Which we do unwaveringly! we trust that we competence be a small colour blind, and my visualisation on chain of seat and character of doorway sometimes, we put full trust in Kortney. She has an eye for it that we only do not have. That is where her strength is, and we only trust her. She passes me a puck and we run with it.

Real Style: Your uncover is set in Nashville, Tennessee and both of we are Canadian. Do we notice a large disproportion in restoration trends in Tennessee and here in Canada?

Kortney: That’s a tough doubt for us to answer, given we haven’t lived in Canada for so long, given 17 years. we was a teen when we changed here. There are some particular differences, one being that Tennessee, privately where we renovate, a master bedroom is unequivocally many fascinating if it’s downstairs on a categorical level. From what we understand, generally in Ontario, all a bedrooms upstairs are a large deal. We’ve indeed had to explain that on a show, given we’ll remove about 50 per cent of a buyers, only by putting a master adult and not on a categorical floor. I’m certain there are some differences, in landscaping, in a petrify and maybe carrying driveways contra not. we consider that’s unequivocally loyal from community to neighbourhood, not from nation to country.

Real Style: You creatively changed to Nashville to pursue your nation song careers. What desirous we to make a switch from a song attention to operative in a restoration business?

Kortney: We were in and out of edition deals and record deals. We had a record, and afterwards we had a break, to tour. We indispensable to make a record, though we also indispensable to make money. So we started flipping, unequivocally to fill in a gaps. That’s arrange of what started it, though residence flipping has also been a unequivocally artistic routine for us, only like songwriting. Except it pays us! It was a judicious thing for us to arrange of develop into, and so distant it’s been working.

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