Dear Mahesh Sharma, it’s 2015: Let women confirm what they wish to do with their evenings

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By Bikram Vohra

It’s 2015 and we have a Minister of Culture who gaily announces that women should not go out and make an evening out of it. What does he advise for a boys then? Go out with other boys?

This claptrap about Indian enlightenment and a keepers of a fire have turn so backward that it is scary. Rightwing loonies have scrambled into positions of energy and this is not usually unhappy over acceptance, it is officious scary.

Mahesh Sharma is a same chairman who is focussed on formulating a order opposite religions in physical India and a fact that he grabs headlines with his holier than thou posturing offers him adequate fuel to keep creation repulsive observations.

Women are not animals or ability and they are equal to men, period. This dignified policing has to finish or this republic is in grave risk of apropos nonconformist and polarised and so out of kilter with a complicated universe that it will tumble on a face.

Representative image. AgenciesRepresentative image. Agencies

Representative image. Agencies

We are relocating into a Gothic age and a perfect disappointment from a taboos creates sex per se a titillating obsession. We are so impressed by it that a usually recover seems to be to pronounce about it ceaselessly in a negative. Clothes, speech, amicable gatherings, all is seen by this unusual prism as if by rejecting it totally we will get comforted that we are not blank anything worthwhile. The crippling of a Indian passionate essence spawns these informative bandits posing as custodians. To us anything between a male and a lady is nauseous and disgusting…even going out for dinner.

Who is Mr Sharma to confirm what women (girls) should and should not do? Just since he is a Minister for Culture he has a poke to set a tinge and standards of a control and presumably save us from blazing in hellfire. Why are people like Mahesh Sharma authorised to pronounce a approach they do and face no consequences for what they contend and how they contend it?

We are removing so regressive. Ironically, twenty years ago India was right on lane to being a on-going IT republic with comprehension and astuteness and ability pouring out of a second turn cities and a people looking good and feeling good about themselves.

People like Sharma make we feel dirty. In new years we have turn intolerant, petty, sexist and vicious.

Now, after all a repairs is finished comes a unavoidable denial. It is like a well-worn script. If it was pronounced on a TV channel it is so easy to prove. Don’t censure a media, Minister, for your follies.